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Curt Johannes Braun , also known as Curt J. Braun (born September 11, 1903 in Guttstadt , † June 5, 1961 in Munich ) was a German writer and screenwriter .


Braun published his first crime novels at the age of 18. He developed into a frequent and fast writer of novels and plays, some of which were also made into films. In particular, he wrote a large number of screenplays for entertainment films of all kinds, mostly comedies , but also crime films and film dramas . As a co-author, he was also involved in the two productions, Der Herrscher (1936) and The Discharge (1942), which were clearly committed to National Socialist ideas .

His play Mit mein Augen , a play about love problems created in 1943, was the last performance at the Staatstheater Berlin in autumn 1944, directed by Helmut Käutner, before the general theater was closed. In later years Braun also wrote radio plays and television plays .

Text example 1931

“A car owner doesn't have one mistress like every other man, but two : the woman of his heart and - his car. The day you get into your car for the first time is as beautiful as a wedding. When buying a car, there are almost only love marriages. When you stroke the leather upholstery perfumed with Russian fragrances for the first time, you feel the delicate dress of a woman in your hands. If you open the hood for the first time, you can see clearly and shiningly the soul of a living being. [...] A new carriage is like [...] a virgin, raised in monastic seclusion, who should only become a person under your hands. [...] Don't be too stormy on your wedding night. [...] Be gentle with your car. Play with the clutch as if you were stroking a woman's hands; - when you step on the gas, feel how the nerves of the beautiful human under you begin to vibrate and do not overstimulate them. [...] Yet. Every marriage needs storms, don't forget! Your lover is jealous too! Your car also occasionally wants to show its power to offer you new stimuli. "

- Das Magazin, September 1931 : Curt J. Braun, you and your car . Issue 85, p. 6321 f


  • 1921: The Lonely Wreck (detective novel)
  • 1921: The Green Spider (detective novel)
  • 1921: The Secret of the Villa (detective novel)
  • 1921: The Green Kiss (detective novel)
  • 1921: The victims of the golden scarab (crime novel)
  • 1922: The House in the Shadow (detective novel)
  • 1922: The Flight to Death (detective novel)
  • 1922: The Circle of Three (detective novel)
  • 1923: The Man with the Three Faces (detective novel)
  • 1923: Nights of Horror (detective novel)
  • 1923: The Land of Darkness (adventure novel)
  • 1923: fight in the dark. A smuggler story from East Prussia
  • 1923: The Nebelschiff (detective novel)
  • 1923: The Red Tortoise (detective novel)
  • 1923: The Doomed. An adventurous rescue trip
  • 1925: The Sultan (detective novel)
  • 1925: The Night of Horror (detective novel)
  • 1926: The Woman on the Roof (detective novel)
  • 1926: Battle of the Millions (detective novel)
  • 1927: Grand Hotel Atlantic (Roman)
  • 1928: one woman, one million, one profile (adventure novel)
  • 1929: Hurray! World record!
  • 1931: The seeds come up (novel)
  • 1932: The Chicago Refugee (detective novel)
  • 1938: The Star of Samara (detective novel)
  • 1939: The man in the closet (detective novel)
  • 1941: The big curve (comedy)
  • 1942: The Sunday Woman (comedy)
  • 1943: With my eyes (play)
  • 1951: Sensation in San Remo (novel)
  • 1957: His greatest case (novel)

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