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Dan Maag (born March 19, 1975 in Mettmann ) is a German film producer , managing director of Pantaleon Films , founder and shareholder of Pantaflix .


Dan Maag has been producing feature films since 1999, including numerous English-language productions such as " Dead Fish " (2004) with Gary Oldman and Robert Carlyle in the leading roles, the internationally successful thriller " Open Water 2 " (2006), and the drama that originated in the Brazilian favelas "Streets of Rio" (2007). In addition to his production activities, Dan Maag worked for several years as a production manager for various financing and production companies. In this role he oversaw numerous international large-scale productions, such as Oliver Stone's historical epic “Alexander” (2004) with Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie ; Martin Scorsese's " Aviator " (2004) with Leonardo DiCaprio , and Michael Caton-Jones ' " Basic Instinct - New Game for Catherine Tramell " (2006) with Sharon Stone. In 2012 he became the managing director of Pantaleon Entertainment GmbH , whose transformation into a stock corporation he played a key role. He was CEO of Pantaflix AG until April 2018. His German-language productions include box office productions such as “What a Man” , “ Endmaker ”, “ Frau Ella ”, “ Father Joy ”, “ The Nanny ”, “ The Horniest Day ” or “ 100 Things ”. Maag and his production company Pantaleon Films produced the first Amazon Original series in Germany for the streaming provider Amazon Prime Video. The " You Are Wanted " series started in March 2017. Season 2 was released on May 18, 2018. Maag is also the founder of Pantaflix, a global video-on-demand platform that for the first time enables producers to distribute films directly to consumers worldwide.

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