The prison doctor

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Television series
Original title The prison doctor
Country of production Germany
original language German
year 2014
ITV Studios Germany ,
Twenty Four 9 Films
length 45 minutes
Episodes 6 in 1 season
genre Drama , doctor series
Theme music Run Boy Run by Woodkid
Director Andreas Menck,
Sascha Thiel
production Philipp Steffens,
Gerda Müller
First broadcast April 3, 2014 on RTL

The prison doctor is a German television series that has been broadcast on RTL since April 2014 . The production with Bernhard Piesk in the leading role is about a doctor who ends up in prison and takes on the role of prison doctor there . Laura Osswald and Clelia Sarto can also be seen in other roles .


The doctor Dr. Tobias Falk makes euthanasia by prescribing his terminally ill patient a lethal drug cocktail and given her this with their consent. On the day of his birthday, he learned that the patient had made him the sole heir without his knowledge . The relatives of the deceased order an autopsy because they believe that Falk killed the woman. He is arrested and later to several years imprisonment convicted . His friend and lawyer Nico Vogler and his girlfriend Mia watch this helplessly.

Falk shares a cell with Paul Botz in the north of the JVA and is exposed to harassment by the correctional officer Bernd Hollerbach. After he saves the life of a suffocating fellow inmate by cutting the trachea , the prison director Katja Herwald offers him the position of the prison doctor, which was vacant due to a lack of funds. After initial hesitation, he accepted this and treated the prisoners together with the nurse and medical student Anke Bruchhausen .

Falk gives his friend Nico, who is representing him on account of the homicide , with extensive powers of attorney for his accounts so that he can initiate an appeal . Later in the plot, Falk learns that his girlfriend Mia is separating from him and is now Nico's partner. When his father visits the prison, Falk hires another lawyer to represent him in the appeal matter.

As Falk in the course learns from his mother that his father was a serious cancer has and urgent surgery needs to be, he asks the warden to temporary prison leave to be present at the operation to. However, he is denied this on the grounds that the relatives of his former patient (killed by the medication he administered) had extensive relationships.

He then initially plans to break out of the prison with the help of inmate Victor Rodenko, who for this purpose pretends to be ill. The plan provides that Rodenko should be transferred to a detention hospital after Falk's diagnosis - the escape should take place while the patient is being transported . After various complications that made his original escape plan fail, Falk finally managed to break out with the help of another inmate patient and his cell mate Botz.


Main cast

role actor consequences
Dr. Tobias Falk Bernhard Piesk 1-6
Anke Bruchhausen Laura Osswald 1-6
Bernd Hollerbach Michael Starkl 1-6
Katja Herwald Clelia Sarto 1-6

Supporting cast

role actor consequences
Paul Botz Götz Argus 1-6
Victor Rodenko Aleksandar Jovanovic 1-6
Nico Vogler Dominic Boeer 1, 4
Hagen Lommert Jürgen Rissmann 1, 6
Mia Zoe Weiland 1
Lara Neumunster Alma Leiberg 1
Maria Vöckel Peggy Lukac 1
Closer Ansgar Nenner Kai Henschel 2-3
Gerhard Falk Rainer Laupichler 2
Benno Wosniak Christoph Grunert 2
Achim Bechtler Eric Klotzsch 2
Mr. Selcher (Schliesser) André Röhner 3
Benny Kausch Gerrit Klein 4th
Tim Sunday Bert Tischendorf 5
Hanna Falk Alexandra von Schwerin 5-6
Michi Steinig Daniel Aichinger 6th


In October 2012, RTL Television announced that they were working on a new pilot. The first season of Der Knastarzt will consist of six episodes, which were filmed between July 25 and September 25, 2013 in Düsseldorf , Leverkusen and Kassel . The former JVA site Ulmer Höh in Düsseldorf and the old correctional facility Kassel III ( Elwe ) serve as the prison . The producer is ITV Studios Germany in cooperation with Twenty Four 9 Films.

On July 2, 2015, RTL stopped the series after the first season.

Episode list

( total )
( St. )
Original title First broadcast D Audience ratings
1 1 euthanasia Apr 3, 2014 3.27 million
2 2 traitor Apr 10, 2014 2.77 million
3 3 hostage taking Apr 17, 2014 2.37 million
4th 4th Counted Apr 24, 2014 2.80 million
5 5 war May 8, 2014 2.50 million
6th 6th outbreak May 15, 2014 2.21 million

DVD release

The first season of Universum Film was released on DVD on April 18, 2014 .

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