The devil's saw

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German title The devil's saw
Original title I corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale
Country of production Italy
original language Italian
Publishing year 1973
length 89 minutes
Age rating FSK 18 (uncut)
Director Sergio Martino
script Ernesto Gastaldi
Sergio Martino
production Carlo Ponti
music Guido De Angelis
Maurizio De Angelis
camera Giancarlo Ferrando
cut Eugenio Alabiso

The Devil's Saw (Original: I corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale , German alternative title: Torso , also Torso - The Devil's Saw ) is an Italian horror film from 1973 by Sergio Martino belonging to the Giallo .


A psychopathic serial killer shakes an Italian university town, where he prefers to strangle and murder young, attractive students of art history with a black and red collar. The unknown murderer then cuts up his victims with a saw . The police are in the dark. The American guest student Daniela soon suspects her ardent admirer Stefano, a strange fellow student, as the perpetrator and moves with Jane and two other foreign students from the faculty into a lonely, remote villa to escape the mysterious series of murders. In the large property, the friends initially feel safe and secure. They enjoy their carefree life.

One day Jane sprained her foot in a minor accident and from then on suffered from severe pain. In the evening she therefore takes the medically prescribed sleeping pills to get through the night symptom-free. But when she woke up the next morning, confused, she looked for her friends who - unnoticed by her - became victims of the brutal killer that night. The masked offender also killed the mistakenly suspect Stefano. When Jane discovers the bloodied corpses of her companions, she is traumatized by a strange noise that drives her reflexively into the next room. There she has to look on like the masked killer, it is her art professor who cuts the lifeless bodies of the young women with a saw, then puts them in a sack to bury them in the adjacent forest.

Even during his "cleanup", the killer is startled by Jane's accidentally made noises, whereupon he searches the house but cannot find anyone. The stranger locks the villa and unknowingly locks Jane, who is handicapped by a fall, in a small room. In the evening, however, he returns to the venerable building to “devote himself” to a fourth student. Jane finds herself helpless in the clutches of the woman-hating serial killer whom she identifies as her once revered Professor Franz. Franz reveals himself to his student and explains to her that, driven by a trauma in his childhood, he is forced to commit the murders of the "worthless" women, whom he calls dolls, out of revenge. Just at the moment when Franz wants to strangle Jane, however, he is disturbed by Roberto, Jane's attending doctor on a sick visit. Franz leaves Jane slightly injured and flees with the doctor into a small tool shed, where the two men fight.

At the end of the film, the doctor, slightly injured, manages to eliminate the serial killer Franz in self-defense. In the last scene he takes a visibly relieved Jane in his arms and decides to wait with her for the police to arrive. Then he plans to lead the frightened woman away from the crime scene.


"A film unpleasant in all respects, in which sensationalism and speculative sentiments enter into a disgusting connection."

“This Sergio Martino horror thriller has the ingredients you want in an Italian horror thriller. There is an exciting story, pretty bloody effects, a few voyeuristic nude scenes and great music between easy listening and goblin rock. 'TORSO' is basically a completely normal slasher , in which a madman assassins one teen after the other, although it has to be said that slashers weren't even born at that time, instead one counts 'TORSO' to the field of Giallos. "

- Haiko's film dictionary : film review by Haiko Herden


Vera Marzot was responsible for the costumes .

The film was unindexed in November 2019.

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