The great Susanne

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Original title The great Susanne
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year none (1945 unfinished)
Director Géza from Bolváry
script Otto Ernst Hesse based on the operetta "Meine Nichte Susanne" (1943) by Hans Adler and Alexander Steinbrecher
production Terra film art (Berlin)
music Frank Fox
camera Willy Winterstein

The great Susanne is a German film game from 1945. Directed by Géza von Bolváry , Marte Harell plays the title role as a woman between several men. The film remained unfinished.


Paris at the time of the Belle Époque : the dashing Susanne has always been a woman who was in love with her. But now she wants to end her varied love life and amorous adventures and finally enter the port of a rock-solid marriage. In order to find the “right” man for this purpose, she intends her servant to track down suitable candidates and to arrange meetings with Madame. In the role of "Uncle Heliodor" he now goes on a search: he finds the Peruvian millionaire Don Manuel. The first meeting between him and Susanne takes place “quite by chance” in the zoo. One finds each other personable, but the rendezvous ends quite sobering for Susanne. Obviously this gentleman is only looking for an adventure, and that is exactly what Susanne no longer wants ...

Heliodor's second choice is the complete opposite of the windy Latino Luftikus: the solid and sincere Eusebius, a pharmacist by trade. This is soon unconditionally devoted to Susanne, but she only intends to use him against Don Manuel. As an alleged marquis, he is said to feel snubbed by Don Manuel and then challenge him to a duel. By tossing a coin, it is decided that the Hispanic grandee should lose his life. But now "Uncle Heliodor" intervenes and finds a way out that the great Susanne also likes.

Production notes

The shooting of The Great Susanne began in February 1945 in the Barrandov film studios in Prague . At the end of the Second World War, only around 25 percent of the film had been shot, the material is now considered lost. The costumes come from Walter Schulze-Mittendorf .

The story was remade in 1949 under the title " Meine Nichte Susanne " with Hilde Krahl in the title role.


Since the film never saw a performance, there are no reviews.


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