Edgar Mitchell

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Edgar Mitchell
Edgar Mitchell
Country: United States
Organization: NASA
selected on April 4, 1966
(5th NASA Group)
Calls: 1 space flight
Begin: January 31, 1971
Landing: February 9, 1971
Time in space: 9d 0h 01min
EVA inserts: 2
EVA total duration: 9h 23min
retired on October 1972
Space flights

Edgar Dean "Ed" Mitchell (born September 17, 1930 in Hereford , Texas , † February 4, 2016 in West Palm Beach , Florida ) was an American astronaut . He was the sixth person to step on the moon .


In 1952, Mitchell graduated from the Carnegie Institute of Technology with a degree in business administration and joined the US Navy . There he was used as a pilot for reconnaissance flights, became an air officer and, as an officer of the Air Development Squadron, took over 5 tasks in the research area in 1958 . While in the Navy, Mitchell received a Bachelor of Science in aeronautical engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School in 1961 and a Doctor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1964 .

Space travel

From 1964 to 1965 Mitchell was a naval representative for the MOL project . On April 4, 1966 he was accepted into the NASA astronaut corps with the fifth selection group . Together with Gordon Cooper and Donn Eisele , he formed the backup team for Apollo 10 , Mitchell being the lunar module pilot. Mitchell was the pilot of the Apollo 14 Lunar Module, the third successful manned lunar landing company , in 1971 . He made two exits with a total duration of over nine hours. On the return flight to Earth, Mitchell carried out experiments on psychic phenomena . The private experiments did not produce any usable results.

Before the flight of Apollo 14 , the Apollo program was shortened again. The last flight to the moon should now take place with Apollo 17 . For this reason, NASA no longer nominated young astronauts for the replacement crews for the remaining unoccupied Apollo 16 and Apollo 17 flights, who were to be promoted to the main crew three flights later, but assigned already experienced astronauts. For Apollo 16 the replacement crew consisted of the commander Fred Haise , the pilot of the command module Stuart Roosa and Edgar Mitchell as lunar shuttle pilots. All three had already had an Apollo flight behind them. Had Charles Duke failed, Edgar Mitchell would have had the opportunity to become the first astronaut to land twice on the moon.

According to NASA

On October 1, 1972, he left NASA and founded his own company, the Edgar Mitchell Corporation in Palm Beach ( Florida ). He also founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences , which deals with changes in consciousness as he observed them after landing on the moon. After leaving NASA, Mitchell turned to esoteric topics and their research.

Parapsychological research is a challenge that science can no longer avoid. [...] It is perhaps an important element in the long sought formula for enriching human consciousness, for reshaping society and in general for supporting nature in the mighty work of evolution . "

Mitchell also repeatedly commented on the UFO phenomenon and advocated the alien hypothesis.

“500 years ago, the astronomer Copernicus was condemned as a heretic for claiming that the earth was not the center of the universe. That is now out of date. Yet today, the majority of us still believe that humanity is the biological center of the universe. We will not accept that intelligent life exists outside of Earth until we run into an alien while shopping. "

As a source of his knowledge, Mitchell did not name any names, but only spoke of contacts he had had because of his astronaut career in military circles and because of his origin from Roswell (see Roswell incident ).

“What happened in Roswell on July 5, 1947, is the truth. My friends, who witnessed the events with their own eyes and are long dead today, told me the truth. A government secret organization to keep these incidents secret is still working successfully to cover up this most important event in human history. "

Edgar Mitchell took the view that there had been multiple contacts with extraterrestrial species and humans, but that this was being kept secret by governments for a variety of reasons. In 2001, Mitchell supported an exopolitics initiative , the Disclosure Project .


Mitchell was married with five children. Edgar Mitchell died on February 4, 2016, just one day before the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 14 moon landing.

Edgar Mitchell was among the first to sign the call for a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations , which is intended to be a first step towards a world parliament.

“If we go to Mars - and we will - it would be stupid to look down at Earth and say, I came from the United States of America, Germany, France, England or Israel. We come from earth! And we are not yet ready for that. "

Edgar Mitchell was a co-founder of the Association of Space Explorers . In 1970 Mitchell was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Richard Nixon , one of the two highest civilian awards in the United States. On March 23, 2016, an asteroid was named after him: (39882) Edgarmitchell .


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