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Logo of Egmont Manga & Anime (until 2013)

Egmont Manga (short: EMA , until spring 2013 Egmont Manga & Anime ) is the publishing brand for Manga of the Egmont publishing companies .

After the manga boom in Germany became apparent around the turn of the millennium, the Egmont Group founded EMA in 2000 as a new subsidiary for its manga program that had previously been published by Egmont Ehapa . Since 2003 EMA has been a brand of the Egmont publishing companies, whose headquarters are in Berlin.

Some of the best-known titles that have been or will be published by Egmont Manga in German include Detective Conan , Sailor Moon , Inu Yasha and Ranma ½ .


1951, Egmont Ehapa, a German offshoot of the company, is founded. In 1991 he bought Reiner Feest Verlag , under whose label Appleseed, the publisher's first German manga, appeared in February 1994 . In 1996 the first incarnation of the manga magazine "Manga Power" appears. The first success came in 1997 and 1998 with Sailor Moon .

In summer 2000, Egmont Manga & Anime GmbH was founded in Leinfelden-Echterdingen . The managing director is Klaus M. Mrositzki, publishing director and responsible for the Georg FW Tempel program. In the same year the publisher published titles such as Card Captor Sakura , Ranma ½ and Seraphic Feather . 2001 the publisher moves to Berlin and the manga preview, the Shinkan , is published for the first time. On November 15, 2001, the first volume of Detective Conan is published. In 2002, Egmont Manga & Anime published the first German manga, Naglaya's Heart by Sascha Nils Marx and Stefan Voss. At the same time this year Inu Yasha and a second attempt of the manga magazine MANGA-POWER! .

After around two years in Berlin, the publishing house moved to Cologne in 2003. With the Manga Twister another manga magazine appears, half of which is aimed at both boys and girls. From 2003 to 2005, EMA organized together with the Animexx e. V. the annual anime convention Connichi in Kassel .

In 2004 the publisher went online with its own website. With Legend of the Sword and K2 , the first Manhwa appear in Egmont Manga & Anime. In 2006 the publisher Alexandra Völkers published her manga debut Catwalk . In the same year, Egmont Manga & Anime also welcomed the detective Conan - Mangaka Gosho Aoyama at the Erlangen Comic Salon .

In 2009 the Inu Yasha series was completed with the last volume, and the following year the publishing house began publishing Kyōkai no Rinne , another series by the artist Rumiko Takahashi . Also in 2009, Alexandra Germann took over the management of Georg FW Tempel. In addition, the publisher Makoto Tateno welcomes you to the Leipzig Book Fair 2010.

In 2011 the publisher announces the new edition of the classic Sailor Moon , which will go on sale from autumn. The official Facebook page is also started and with Adekan , Ninja 4 life and Ai Ore! Love me! the first titles are now also available digitally. In addition, the publisher is renamed from Egmont Manga & Anime to Egmont Manga , while the abbreviation EMA is retained. In addition, since the renaming, all newly published manga have been given a new logo. In 2013 the publisher Ema Tōyama invites you to the Leipzig Book Fair and the website gets a new design.

In October 2016 the publisher will move to Berlin again. Alexandra Germann works as a publisher for the manga area at Egmont publishing companies. Jonas Blaumann is responsible for program management.

Published titles (selection)

Egmont Manga has a backlist of around 1500 titles and more than 200 new publications per year.

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