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Connichi anime convention logo
The city hall of Kassel during the Connichi 2005

The Connichi is an annual, three-day anime convention organized by the Animexx association. It is the largest fully voluntary anime and manga event in the German-speaking world and has been held in the Kongress Palais in Kassel since 2003 .


The Connichi was held for the first time in May 2002 in Ludwigshafen am Rhein . Since 2003 it has been taking place every September in the Kongress Palais in Kassel (formerly Kassel City Hall ).

The number of visitors rose from approx. 1,500 in 2002 to approx. 12,000 in 2006. A total of 13,500 visitors were stated for 2007 and 14,300 for 2008. An extension of the town hall, the so-called colonnade, enabled strong growth to 25,000 visitors in 2014. In 2019, as in the previous year, 27,000 visitors visited the event.

The Connichi in 2020 was supposed to take place September 4-6 , but was canceled due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic . The next fair is to take place from September 3rd to 5th, 2021.


Dealer room 2007 during construction

The program of Connichi includes among others a Japanese festival with fireworks, "Bring and Buy" (flea market), exhibitor and distributor areas, a market for Focus, Go - and trading cards regions as well as numerous competitions (the oldest German Anime Music Video - Competition, cosplay , doujinshi , video games, noodle slurping competition, poetry slam etc.). In addition, visitors have the opportunity to attend lectures and workshops on various topics from the anime and manga scene (e.g. cosplay, photography, drawing, dubbing ) and Japanese culture (e.g. origami , Japanese tea ceremony , calligraphy , topics of the Japanese Studies or Japanese Language ).

German and Japanese artists and show groups will perform on both stages. In addition, guests of honor from Japan, Germany and other countries take part in discussions and autograph sessions.

Since 2005 the Connichi has also been the venue for the German preliminary round of the international cosplay competition World Cosplay Summit , the final of which is held and broadcast annually in Nagoya .

The public city ​​hall garden , which connects to the Connichi event area, can be visited without an admission ticket. Many disguised visitors meet here. In order to be able to enjoy the program offered in the town hall, the inner courtyard and in the rose garden (this is where the Matsuri takes place), visitors must purchase tickets in advance or on site from the day ticket.

Previous guests of honor

Connichi 2019 (September 6-8, 2019)

Anime: Taku Kishimoto

Manga: Tamasaburo , Oroken, Martina Peters , Anike Hage , horror pillows

Cosplay: December Wynn, Astarohime

Music: FLOW , Minichestra

Voice actor : Yui Horie

Other: Super Eyepatch Wolf

Connichi 2018 (September 7th - 9th, 2018)

Anime: Seiji Kishi, Makoto Uezu, Tomohisa Taguchi, Nao Hirasawa, Yoshinari Asai + Hiroyuki Yamaga (Gainax)

Cosplay: Yuegene Fay, Cowbutt Crunchies

Music: Hitoshi Sakimoto, Benyamin Nuss , Mardelas

Voice actors: Dominik Auer , Manuel Scheuertstuhl , Constantin von Jascheroff , René Dawn-Claude

Others: Karasu, Christian Hanisch, Robert Weber

Hiroyuki Yamaga (2006)

Connichi 2017 (September 22-24, 2017)

Anime: Mitsuo Iso , Hiroyuki Yamaga + Takeda Yasuhiro ( Gainax )

Manga: David Füleki , Nana Yaa, Gin and Ban Zarbo, Anna Backhausen & Sophie Schönhammer

Cosplay: TWIN Cosplay, Shiro & Shunske

Music: Mardelas, Chii Sakurabi

Voice actors : Ulla Wagener , Max FelderRené Dawn-Claude , Patricia Strasburger, Christian Zeiger

Others: Karasu, Patrick Rodriguez & Miles Luna (Rooster Teeth)

Connichi 2016 (September 16-18, 2016)

Anime: Akio Watanabe, Hiroyuki Yamaga + Yoshiyuki Sadamoto ( Gainax ), Norihiro Hayashida

Manga: Boichi

Music: Fubito Endo with Kurumi Fujioka, U-Ya Asaoka

Voice actors : Barbara Dunkelmann, Lindey Jones, Michael Jones, Lea Kalbhenn , Tim Schwarzmeier , Franciska Friede and many more

Others: Takeshi Miyagawa, Utsumi Ikko & Yuta Toshihiro, Karasu and Kaneta Rena

Cosplay: Taeyon, Lenneth, Enji Night

Connichi 2015 (September 18-20, 2015)

Anime: Kazuhiro Soeta, Hiroyuki Yamaga, Shouji Saeki

Manga: Rihito Takarai, Jasmin Puschacher, Anna Hollmann

Music: angela, Kazuya Sato and Chie Hanawa

Voice actors : Jouji Nakata, Thorsten Münchow , Beate Pfeiffer

Other: Takeshi Miyagawa

Cosplay: Reika, TaeYeon and Elffi

Connichi 2014 (September 12-14, 2014)

Anime: Atsuhiro Iwakami, Takafumi Hori + Shigeto Koyama + Sushio ( Trigger ), Hiroyuki Yamaga (Gainax)

Manga: You Higuri , Kazihiko Shimamoto (Gainax) Music: Kaori Oda, Nagareda Project, Toni Clark, Naoko Kikuchi and Yūta Toshihiro Voice actors : Asami Sanada, Sabine Bohlmann, Ulrike Jenni, René Dawn-Claude, Anette Potempa Others: Takamasa Sakurai

Connichi 2013 (September 13-15, 2013)

Anime: Yasuhiro Irie, Hiroyuki Yamaga + NOIR (Gainax), Yoshinori Asao (Kichijôji Tron) Manga: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Music: Nagareda Project, Shuhei Kita, Takayoshi Tanimoto, Hiroshi Kubo and Yūta Toshiheasure Others: Akira Yamaguchi and Guilt  

Connichi 2012 (September 7th - 9th, 2012)

Anime: Mamoru Yokota, Yasuhiro Irie, Studio GAINAX: Hiroyuki Yamaga Manga: Ayano Yamane and Hinako Takanaga Music: Faylan, Yoko Ishida, Chihiro Yonekura and Naoko Kikuchi Voice actors : Toru Furuya Others: Naoko Kikuchi, Yayaa Han and Mona I. Thren

Connichi 2011 (September 16-18, 2011)

Anime: Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV), Osamu Kobayashi, Studio GAINAX: Hiroyuki Yamaga Music: May'n, Kouhei Tanaka and Cécile Corbel Others: Kumiko Uehara and Akinori Isobe Voice actors : Kaya Matsutani  

Connichi 2010 (September 10-12, 2010)

Anime: Hiroyuki Yamaga + Yutaka Uemura + Gakuto Mikumo + "Noir" (Gainax) Manga: You Higuri Music: Olivia Lufkin , Haruko Momoi and Rumi Shishido

Other : Kumiko Uehara Anime:

Connichi 2009 (September 18-20, 2009)

Anime: Studio GAINAX : Takami A Anime: kai , Hiroyuki Yamag Anime: a and Haruko Momoi ; Studio khara: Hidenori Matsubara

Anime: Manga: Robert Labs Music Anime: : BACK-ON and Gothika

Connichi 2008 (September 12-14, 2008)

Anime: Takami Akai + Hiroyuki Yamaga + Yasuhiro Takeda + Hiroyuki Imaishi + Atsushi Nishigori + Masahiko Ōtsuka + Yō Yoshinari + Ryōji Masuyama (Gainax)

Manga: Kazusa Takashima Music: Haruko Momoi and Pornophonique  

Connichi 2007 (September 7th - 9th 2007)

Anime: Savin Yeatman-Eiffel , Hiroyuki Yamaga ( Gainax ), Yuji Nunokawa (Pierrot)

Manga: Ayano Yamane Music: Haruko Momoi , move and RENTRER EN SOI

Voice actors : Nobuyuki Hiyama and Tetsuya Kakihara  

Connichi 2006 (September 15-17, 2006)

Anime: Studio GAINAX : Takami Akai , Yoshiyuki Sadamoto , Shoji Saeki and Hiroyuki Yamaga

Manga: Makoto Tateno Music: Toru Tanabe

Voice actors : Yukari Fukui and David Turba

Connichi 2005 (September 16-18, 2005)

Anime: Studio GAINAX : Kazuhiro Takamura and Hiroyuki Yamaga

Manga: So-Young Lee and Sanami Matoh Music: dream and Toru Tanabe

Voice actor : Sabine Bohlmann  

Connichi 2004 (September 10-12, 2004)

Anime: Yasuhiro Takeda + Hiroyuki Yamaga + Takami Akai ( Gainax )

Music: Blood and Toru Tanabe Voice Actors: Rubina Kuraoka , Tobias Müller , Daniel Schlauch and Sebastian Schulz

Connichi 2003 (September 5-7, 2003)

Anime: Yasuhiro Takeda + Hiroyuki Yamaga ( Gainax )

Music: Toru Tanabe ( opera singer )

Connichi 2002 (May 3-5, 2002)

Anime: Kazuya Tsurumaki ( Gainax )


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