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Erika Rosenberg in 2000

Erika Rosenberg-Band (born June 24, 1951 in Buenos Aires , Argentina ) is a German writer , interpreter , translator , journalist and the biographer of Oskar Schindler and Emilie Schindler .


Erika Rosenberg-Band was born as the daughter of German Jews in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her parents, a lawyer and a doctor, fled to Argentina via Paraguay in 1936, before the Holocaust .

In 1990 she met Emilie Schindler . Their intensive conversations led not only to friendship, but also to over 70 hours of tape recordings , from which Rosenberg-Band made the biography "In Schindler's Shadow" in 1997. Under the titles "Ich, Emilie Schindler" and "Ich, Oskar Schindler" she continued to publish the revised biographies of the Schindler widow. When Emilie Schindler died on October 5th, 2001, Erika Rosenberg-Band became one of her heirs. In October 2012, the work “Schindler's Helpers” was published at the Frankfurt Book Fair. It deals with the more than 32 helpers who supported the Schindlers between 1939 and 1945.

Erika Rosenberg-Band worked in the Argentine Foreign Office, where she trained future diplomats . Erika Rosenberg taught at the Catholic University of Buenos Aires and was a lecturer at the Goethe Institute .

She wrote a biography in two languages ​​about Wilhelm Lehmann , founder of the city of Rafaela , an essay about Ernesto "Che" Guevara and the life of Blessed Maria Restituta Kafka , a martyr of the resistance . She also translated texts by Sigmund Freud , Nikolaus von Kues , Carl Andresen ("Justin and the Middle Platonism "), the diary of Romano Guardini , and others. a. In 2015 she was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon at the German Embassy in Buenos Aires. On March 15, 2016, Prof. Erika Rosenberg received the Austrian Holocaust Memorial Award in the Austrian Embassy in Buenos Aires.

She wrote a work about Oskar Schindler's work in the Canaris defense, which also includes the Prague trial, the Budapest network and initial contacts with Jewish organizations. Furthermore, “Schindler in the service of Simon Wiesenthal as a Nazi hunter after the war” and the first screenplay “Until the Last Hour” will appear.

Erika Rosenberg's work on Pope Francis , her compatriot Jose Bergoglio from Buenos Aires, was published in 2015. On August 22, 2016, her work “Das Glashaus. Carl Lutz and the Rescue of Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust ”at Langen Müller Herbig, Munich. In July 2016 she wrote a work on the chronicle of a Franciscan woman who, together with four other sisters, left Austria in 1939 and founded a congregation in Buenos Aires: "Once upon a time ...". The book was published in two languages.


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