Euphoria (Def Leppard album)

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Studio album by Def Leppard


June 8, 1999



Label (s) Universal

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Hard rock

Title (number)


running time




Pete Woodroffe , Def Leppard

Studio (s)

Studio Joe's Garage, Dublin (Ireland)

Euphoria X

Euphoria is the seventh studio album by British hard rock band Def Leppard . It was released in 1999.


After Def Leppard turned to more contemporary sounds with the album Slang in 1996, the group returned to the recipe for success of albums such as Pyromania , Hysteria and Adrenalize for Euphoria . Although Mutt Lange did not return to the mixer as a producer , she was called in for the songwriting of three tracks ( It's Only Love , All Night and Promises ) as well as the background vocals . Pete Woodroofe took over the production again, the recordings took place in the studio of singer Joe Elliott in Dublin .

Damon Hill , Formula 1 racing driver and world champion, appeared on the album as a guest musician . He played the guitar solo of the title Demolition Man .

Euphoria was released on May 14, 1996, with the first single released being Promises .


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
  UK 11 06/26/1999 (2 weeks)
  US 11 06/26/1999 (11 weeks)
  US 41 07/10/1999 (1 week)
  US 54 09/25/1999 (1 week)

Thomas Kupfer ( Rock Hard ) wrote about this album that the title of the album made it clear that the band had "returned to their successful past" . Def Leppard had “not sounded so aggressive for years” . What fascinates about "Euphoria" are "the numbers that didn't really fit into the previous success formula" . Kupfer calls "the Prince-influenced" 'All Night', the "dramatic and brilliant hookline" 'Paper Sun' and "the lively instrumental" 'Disintegrate', which "has a clear riff like 'Switch 625' remember from the "High & Dry" disc . With “a little imagination” , “half a dozen potential hit singles” can be identified. The album wipes "the majority of the year after year melodic rock releases off the table" .

The album reached number 14 in the charts in Germany, the USA and the UK, respectively number 11 in the album charts . The released singles were far less successful: only the two internationally released titles, namely Promises and Goodbye, were able to record chart success at all, but only in the USA. The other published titles Paper Sun , Day After Day and 21st Century Sha La La La Girl appeared only in the US and could not reach the Billboard Hot 100 .

Track list

  1. Demolition Man (Campbell, Collen, Elliott) 3:24
  2. Promises (Collen, Lange) 3:59
  3. Back in Your Face (Collen, Elliott) 3:20
  4. Goodbye (Savage) 3:36
  5. All Night (Collen, Lange) 3:38
  6. Paper Sun (Campbell, Collen, Elliott, Savage, Woodroffe) 5:27
  7. It's Only Love (Campbell, Elliott, Lange, Savage) 4:06
  8. 21st Century Sha la la la Girl (Collen, Elliott, Savage) 4:06
  9. To Be Alive (Campbell, Smith) 3:53
  10. Disintegrate (Collen) 2:51
  11. Guilty (Campbell, Collen, Elliott, Savage, Woodroffe) 3:47
  12. Day After Day (Campbell, Collen, Elliott) 4:36
  13. Kings of Oblivion (Collen, Elliott, Savage) 4:18


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