X (Def Leppard album)

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Studio album by Def Leppard


July 30, 2001



Label (s) Universal

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Hard rock

Title (number)




Pete Woodroffe , Def Leppard

Studio (s)

Joe's Garage, Polar Studios, Rumbo Studios

X Yeah!

X is the eighth studio album by British hard rock band Def Leppard , released in 2002 . The title refers to the Roman spelling of the number ten, as the album, if you include the two compilation albums released by 2002 ( Retro Active and Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits ) by the band, is the tenth album of the group .


As with the 1996 album Slang , Def Leppard once again turned away from the well-known sound when recording X and tried, with the help of Marti Fredrickson, who had already worked with Aerosmith, as well as Andreas Carlson and Per Aldeheim ('N Sync, Britney Spears , Backstreet Boys) to change the musical direction. Overall, the group seemed to be looking for a more poppy , radio-friendly sound.

Pete Woodroffe, who had already contributed to the creation of two previous albums, took over the production again. Most of the songs were recorded in Joe's Garage , singer Joe Elliott's private recording studio , and all vocal tracks were recorded here. The instrumental recordings for the tracks Now, You're so Beautiful and Everyday were recorded by Marti Frederiksen at Rumbo Studios in Los Angeles , the track Unbelievable was recorded and produced by Per Aldeheim and Andreas Carlsson at Polar Studios in Stockholm .


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
  UK 14th 08/24/2002 (3 weeks)
  US 11 08/17/2002 (1 week)
  UK 23 08/17/2002 (2 weeks)
Long long way to go
  UK 40 04/27/2003 (2 weeks)

Thomas Kupfer ( Rock Hard ) wrote about this album that it would “hardly be able to tie in with the (commercial) successes of the century“ Pyromania ”and“ Hysteria ” , even though “ the quintet collaborated with various established co-authors ” to create their own material "To give a contemporary look" . They tried to “set new impulses” , but in the end one had to say that “this (thank God?) Did not succeed” . Only "the fact that on" X "the rock influences were pushed into the background in favor of more poppy sounds" testifies to "the influence of the co-writers squad" . The album “doesn't really ignite even after several runs” , the song material seems “at times frighteningly calculated and smoothly polished” , and singer Joe Elliott has “never delivered” a “less pressurized vocals . Only a few titles were reminiscent of "earlier heroic deeds" with a lot of imagination . Otherwise “cultivated boredom” dominates , which would only be broken by “one or the other flare-up of the typical Def Leppard melody arcs” and thus “saved from total mediocrity” .

Stephen Thomas Erlewine from Allmusic stated that with the album “Euphoria” , released in 1999, the group “failed to be (still) perceived as an active band” in the popular perception . Even X could "certainly not eliminate this flaw" because a lot on the album sounded as if the band were "desperately looking for a new hit" . On the positive side, it should be noted that she was “chasing after sounds that were not trendy” , but that she was acting “age-appropriate” . Erlewine concludes that "smooth production" and the "self-confident adults" made the album "regrettably" to "a leaden affair."

Track list

  1. Now (Marti Frederiksen, Phil Collen, Joe Elliott, Vivian Campbell, Rick Savage, Rick Allen) 3:58
  2. Unbelievable (Per Aldeheim, Andreas Carlsson, Max Martin ) 3:58
  3. You're So Beautiful (Frederiksen, Collen, Elliott, Campbell, Savage, Allen) 3:31
  4. Everyday (Frederiksen, Collen, Elliott, Campbell, Savage, Allen) 3:08
  5. Long, Long Way to Go (Wayne Hector, Steve Robson) 4:38
  6. Four Letter Word (Collen, Elliott, Campbell, Savage, Allen) 3:07
  7. Torn to Shreds (Collen, Savage, Elliott, Campbell, Allen) 2:56
  8. Love Don't Lie (Elliott, Collen, Campbell, Savage, Allen) 4:46
  9. Gravity (Collen, Elliott, Pete Woodroffe, Campbell, Savage, Allen) 2:33
  10. Cry (Collen, Elliott, Campbell, Savage, Allen) 3:17
  11. Girl Like You (Campbell, Collen, Elliott, Savage, Allen) 2:49
  12. Let Me Be the One (Elliott, Campbell, Collen, Savage, Allen) 3:29
  13. Scar (Collen, Elliott, Campbell, Savage, Woodroffe, Allen) 4:59
  14. Kiss the Day (Savage, Collen, Elliott, Campbell, Allen) 4:27 (bonus track in Europe)


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