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Studio album by Def Leppard


May 14, 1996


1994-1995, 1996

Label (s) Universal

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Hard rock

running time




Pete Woodroffe , Def Leppard

Studio (s)

Marbella (Spain), Bow Lane Studios, Dublin (Ireland)

Retro Active
slang Euphoria

Slang is the sixth studio album by British hard rock band Def Leppard , released in 1996 . It marked a shift in the band's musical direction and is the only album that did not use the group's branding logo on the cover.


Work on the recordings for this album came at a time when almost all members of the group were struggling with personal problems. In addition, for the first time since 1981 , the music producer Mutt Lange was not involved at all in the creation of the album, which gave the group space for sonic and, above all, textual experiments. For the first time ever, real emotions were reflected in the group's lyrics. Another benefit the band saw in Lange's absence was the ability to record together as a group. These recordings took place in a house in Marbella (Spain).

Slang was released on May 14, 1996; A total of four singles were released, namely the title track in May 1996, Work It Out (July 1996), All I Want Is Everything (September 1996) and Breathe a Sigh in November 1996.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
  DE 34 05/27/1996 (11 weeks)
  US 14th 06/01/1996 (12 weeks)
  UK 5 05/25/1996 (8 weeks)
  UK 17th 05/04/1996 (5 weeks)
Work it out
  UK 22nd 07/13/1996 (3 weeks)
All I Want Is Everything
  UK 38 09/28/1996 (2 weeks)
Breathe a Sigh
  UK 43 11/30/1996 (1 week)

In the US , the album peaked at number 14 of 200 Billboard , fifth place in the UK It was until then the first album of the band that is not in the US with platinum was excellent. The group only succeeded in establishing all four singles in the music charts in their home country Great Britain .

Thomas Kupfer ( Rock Hard ) wrote about this album that the band had "managed the balancing act between further development and traditional sounds" and that the album could be described as "completely successful". Thanks to "oriental sounding guitar parts, vocale effects and a good groove" , the first track on the album ( Truth ) would "quickly become a catchy tune" . Other pieces ( slang ) know how to convince “with the combination of hard guitars, an almost poppy drum rhythm and a typical Leppard chorus” . The collection of titles proves "impressively that Def Leppard finally made the leap into the nineties" . In conclusion, he states that the album is “a more than respectable performance by the band”.

Track list

  1. Truth? (Campbell, Collen, Elliott, Savage) 3:00
  2. Turn to Dust (Collen) 4:21
  3. Slang (Collen, Elliott) 2:37
  4. All I Want Is Everything (Elliot, Elliott) 5:20
  5. Work It Out (Campbell) 4:49
  6. Breathe a Sigh (Collen) 4:06
  7. Deliver Me (Collen, Elliott) 3:04
  8. Gift of Flesh (Collen) 3:48
  9. Blood Runs Cold (Collen, Elliott) 4:26
  10. Where Does Love Go When It Dies (Collen, Elliott) 4:04
  11. Pearl of Euphoria (Collen, Elliott, Savage) 6:21


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