Mirror Ball (Def Leppard album)

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Mirror Ball: Live & More
Def Leppard's live album


June 17, 2011

Label (s) Frontiers Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Hard rock

Title (number)


running time

119: 16



Def Leppard, Ronan McHugh

Studio (s)

Studio title: Joe's Garage, Dublin (Ireland)

Songs from the Sparkle Lounge (2008) Mirror Ball: Live & More Def Leppard (2015)

Mirror Ball (English for: " Diskokugel "), also known as Mirror Ball: Live & More , is the first live album by the British hard rock band Def Leppard . Mirror Ball was released as a CD album with DVD, a vinyl album with three records, and a limited edition with a gatefold cover.


The live recordings used for this album were during the songs-from-the-Sparkle Lounge - tour recorded at different, unspecified locations around the world. This tour took place from March 27, 2008 to September 12, 2009 in a total of seven separate sections; The band traveled exclusively to the USA in the first section, various European countries in the second section , Canada and the USA again in the third , Japan in the fourth and Oceania in the fifth . The sixth section consisted of only two concerts, one in Dublin and one appearance at the Download Festival in Donington . The group concluded the concert tour with further performances in the USA and Canada. In total, she performed at 132 concerts during the tour.

Regarding the recording process, Joe Elliott explained that the band had recorded 30 to 40 concerts, from which the best recordings were prioritized in order to later make a selection for the album: “We listened to the same song in 15 different versions and each time we did that best version. ”And:“ We weren't looking for the perfect performance, but for the perfect atmosphere of a song because we recorded the audience. So if we could have played or singing ›Bringing On The Heartbreak‹ better, but the audience was fully there and couldn't have been better, then that's why we chose this version for the album. "

In addition to the 21 live tracks, the album also contains three new songs recorded in the studio: Undefeated , which was released as a single even before the album was released, Kings of the World , and It's All About Believin ' . These tracks were recorded in Joe Elliott's private recording studio , "Joe's Garage".

The album was Def Leppard and Ronan McHugh produced . McHugh had already held this position on the studio album Songs from the Sparkle Lounge .

The CD album, released in Europe on June 17, 2011, also includes a DVD with excerpts from the Sparkle Lounge tour, four live tracks ("Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)", "Armageddon It", "Pour Some Sugar on Me ”and“ Hysteria ”) and two music videos (“ Nine Lives ”and“ C'mon C'mon ”). The live pieces were also recorded during the Songs from the Sparkle Lounge tour.

Track list

Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Mirror ball
  UK 44 02/07/2011 (1 week)
  US 16 06/16/2011 (1 week)

CD 1

  1. Skirt! Skirt! (Till You Drop) (Steve Clark, Rick Savage, Robert John "Mutt" Lange, Joe Elliott) - 3:55
  2. Rocket (Joe Elliott, Phil Collen, Steve Clark, Rick Savage, Robert John "Mutt" Lange) - 4:29
  3. Animal (Joe Elliott, Phil Collen, Steve Clark, Rick Savage, Robert John "Mutt" Lange) - 4:02
  4. C'mon C'mon (Rick Savage) - 4:00
  5. Make Love Like a Man (Joe Elliott, Phil Collen, Steve Clark, Robert John "Mutt" Lange) - 5:56
  6. Too Late for Love (Joe Elliott, Pete Willis, Steve Clark, Rick Savage, Robert John "Mutt" Lange) - 5:17
  7. Foolin ' (Joe Elliott, Steve Clark, Robert John "Mutt" Lange) - 5:06
  8. Nine Lives (Phil Collen, Joe Elliott, Tim McGraw) - 3:35
  9. Love Bites (Joe Elliott, Phil Collen, Steve Clark, Rick Savage, Robert John "Mutt" Lange) - 7:28
  10. Rock On (David Essex) - 5:10

CD 2

  1. Two Steps Behind (Joe Elliott) - 4:29
  2. Bringin 'On the Heartbreak (Joe Elliott, Pete Williams, Steve Clark) - 5:08
  3. Switch 625 (Steve Clark) - 4:14
  4. Hysteria (Joe Elliott, Phil Collen, Steve Clark, Rick Savage, Robert John "Mutt" Lange) - 6:20
  5. Armageddon It (Joe Elliott, Phil Collen, Steve Clark, Rick Savage, Robert John "Mutt" Lange) - 5:19
  6. Photographer (Joe Elliott, Pete Willis, Steve Clark, Rick Savage, Robert John "Mutt" Lange)
  7. Pour Some Sugar on Me (Joe Elliott, Phil Collen, Steve Clark, Rick Savage, Robert John "Mutt" Lange) - 5:05
  8. Rock of Ages (Joe Elliott, Steve Clark, Pete Willis, Robert John "Mutt" Lange) - 6:11
  9. Let's Get Rocked (Joe Elliott, Phil Collen, RicK Savage, Robert John "Mutt" Lange) - 6:11
  10. Action (Andy Scott, Brian Connolly, Steve Priest, Mick Tucker) - 4:01
  11. Bad Actress (Joe Elliott) - 3:31
  12. Undefeated (Joe Elliott) - 4:40 (Studio)
  13. Kings of the World (Rick Savage) - 6:12 (Studio)
  14. It's All About Believin ' (Phil Collen, Vanston) - 4:22 (Studio)

Video album

Behind the Scenes on the Songs from the Sparkle Lounge Tour 2008–2009, including Live Performances of:

  • Skirt! Skirt! (Till You Drop)
  • Armageddon It
  • Pour some sugar on me
  • Hysteria

Music Videos:

  • Nine lives
  • C'mon C'mon


Mirror Ball debuted at number 16 on the Billboard album charts a week after its release in the US , while also topping the hard rock album charts.

The Rocks magazine wrote in a review of the album that it was a "live retrospective with gaps" and criticized the fact that the band had disregarded several albums from a career spanning over thirty years when selecting songs:

“It is hardly surprising that Pyromania and Hysteria are clearly at the center of the song selection: eleven of the 21 numbers come from their two greatest classics. A disappointment (but equally unsurprising) is the fact that she ignored several albums in her career. In addition to the debut On Through the Night , the years 1996 to 2002 are completely skipped with the LPs Slang , Euphoria and X. From the latest work Songs from the Sparkle Lounge there are at least three songs to be heard. (...) Mirror Ball is recommended, but not essential. If you want to experience Def Leppard at its live zenith, you should get the video In the Round or the deluxe edition of Pyromania including the terrific 1983 recording from the LA Forum. "

- Alexander Kolbe : Review


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