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Def Leppard
Studio album by Def Leppard


October 30, 2015

Label (s) ear music

Format (s)

CD , record

Genre (s)

Hard rock

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running time




Def Leppard , Ronan McHugh

Studio (s)

  • Joe's Garage, Dublin (Ireland)
  • Phil's Sweat Shop
Mirror Ball: Live & More!
Def Leppard -

Def Leppard is the title of the eleventh studio album by the British hard rock band of the same name , released in 2015


Def Leppard released the album Songs from the Sparkle Lounge in 2008 and performed around four hundred concerts on the subsequent tour . These included a stay in Las Vegas for eleven gigs at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino from March 22 to April 13, 2013 , during which the group played all eleven songs from their most commercially successful album, Hysteria , in front of an audience. The band documented this concert series with the live album Viva! Hysteria .

In early 2013, the group's musicians met in the recording studio of their singer Joe Elliott in Dublin to write two or three songs for a release on an EP . Instead, however, twelve new songs were created, so that the group could have released an album. At this point, she did not have a record deal for the first time in 35 years . Therefore, the group financed the production of the album entirely out of its own pocket. After many years, the group returned to a way of working that was by now unfamiliar to them: While with most of the earlier albums, the respective songs were recorded and styled on the basis of specifically worked out song demos and the respective audio tracks individually had been recorded, the entire band now worked together in the studio on the songs and developed them in a live situation.

In doing so, the group stuck to an approach that they had learned back in 1982 from their then producer Robert John Lange : The songs were literally conceptualized. Singer Joe Elliott described it this way:

“As a result, such [conventionally recorded] albums will differ fundamentally from opulent productions like Wish You Were Here and The Dark Side of the Moon or Hysteria , where the thought and conception process was more important than the actual recordings . "

- Joe Elliott : No vodka in the pool by Martin Römpp in Rocks - The magazine for Classic Rock , issue 06/2015, page 39

For example, Man Enough was worked on for a long time because the band wanted to create "something extremely dynamic". However, other titles were created in a relatively short time, such as All Time High or Invincible, which the band wrote "within two hours".

Additional recordings were made in Phil Collen's studio, Phil's Sweat Shop. The finished album contained some songs that were inspired by other Def Leppard titles, but also from well-known songs by other artists. Influences came from David Bowie's Cracked Actor from the album Aladdin Sane or London Calling from The Clash ( Forever Young ), Queens Another One Bites the Dust ( Man Enough ), and the drumming from Rick Allen borrowed from U2's With or Without for the track We Belong You . Joe Elliott made direct reference to this, saying:

“When we work on music, we like to use other bands as references internally. [...] I'll do the devil and say that it all happened by chance and that I don't even know these songs. "

- Joe Elliott : No vodka in the pool by Martin Römpp in Rocks - The magazine for Classic Rock , issue 06/2015, page 39

We Belong is also a title in which all members of the band contribute the vocals for the first time; every musician sings a verse of the song.

Def Leppard was released on CD and vinyl on October 30, 2015 , and offered through online music services.


The songs Let's Go, Man Enough and We Belong were released as singles , and music videos were released for all three titles .

Track list

Def Leppard 
No. title Songwriter Guest musician length
1. let's go Rock Savage, Joe Elliott   5:02
2. Dangerous Phil Collen , Elliott   3:27
3. Man enough Collen, Elliott   3:54
4th We Belong Elliott   5:07
5. Invincible Rick Allen , Elliott   3:47
6th Sea of ​​Love Collen Backing Vocal : Debbi Blackwell-Cook 4:04
7th Energized Collen   3:23
8th. All time high Elliott   4:19
9. Battle Of My Own Savage, Elliott   2:42
10. Broke'N'Brokenhearted Collen, Elliott   3:17
11. Forever Young Collen, Elliott   2:22
12. Last dance Savage Bouzouki : Ronan McHugh 3:09
13. Wings Of An Angel Collen, Vivian Campbell , Savage, Elliott   4:32
14th Blind Faith Collen, Campbell, Savage, Elliott Mellotron : McHugh 5:36
Overall length: 54:27


Jens Peters asked in Rock Hard whether the new album of a band like Def Leppard, which was “musically virtually unassailable during the entire eighties and early nineties”, ?? “just a little better than mediocre ?? “May find. Because the British had shown "in the context of some absolutely great European shows" that they were "far from old-fashioned". ?? A record, however, “in its sound and songwriting so much to ingratiate itself with the mainstream,” is not only disappointing, but “betrayal of one's own life's work.” On ?? Def Leppard ?? “Arbitrariness prevails” that the reviewer would “never have believed in the group”. The only thing that saved the album “from the drop in ratings” was the fact that “there were still a few useful songs on the second half of the disc”. From "a living legend," which in the course of its existence "for immortal classic albums" like ?? Pyromania ?? , ?? Hysteria ?? , ?? Adrenalize ?? and ?? High'n'Dry , who was responsible for drawing, could "of course expect more". Peters awarded seven out of ten points.

In contrast, Rocks , which awarded five out of a possible six points. Alexander Kolbe wrote that the band was "actually again a great success for - in fact it by far the largest since Adrenalize . (1992)" follows "rousing anthems" such as All Time High, Forever Young, Dangerous or Wings of an Angel was the band "Not even on Euphoria in the end". The group offers even more, for example “the Battle of My Own, which begins as a zeppelin acoustic number” or “the pop gourmet slices” Energized and Invincible . The group also has “a Queen homage” in its program with Man Enough , who is “ built on a distinctive bass groove” and “especially in its verses” is unabashedly based on Another One Bites the Dust , before it “ turns into one of thick ones Riffs underlaid by Leppard chorus “open up. Despite the stylistic diversity, unlike on their last records, “no song can deny the identity of its authors.” This applies “least of all” to Lets Go , which uses “boldly from the Hysteria hit Pour Some Sugar on Me ”, but "Nevertheless, or perhaps because of that, in a powerful mood". This can also be said “about Def Leppard in its entirety”.

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