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founding 2004 from Planète Sciences

place La Ferté-Bernard , France
president Jean-Pierre Ledey

The Eurobot is an international championship in which the aim is to construct autonomous robots that perform a specific task that changes every year. Most of the participants come from Europe, but the competition is open to teams from all over the world.

The competition

Eurobot has been held annually since 1998. Until 2004 it was held in La Ferté-Bernard in France . The competition has been taking place in different locations since 2005.

In contrast to the RoboCup , for example , the competition is designed in such a way that students and amateurs have a fair chance against university teams made up of scientists. In 2004, 250 teams from 21 countries took part.

The competition emerged from the French championship Coupe de France de Robotique , which began in 1994 - this continues to exist as the French qualifying round for Eurobot and also has more than 200 teams.


The Eurobot is mainly attended by students of technical subjects, especially mechatronics , mechanical engineering , electrical engineering and computer science or technical computer science . The participants work in teams of at least two people and must be a maximum of 30 years old. Only one supervisor may exceed this age limit.


The aim of the Eurobot and its national qualifications is to offer young people a platform in which they can try out technical ideas in a playful way. Instead of competition, the focus is on technical gimmicks, technical and cultural enrichment, creativity and fair play. Due to the annually changing tasks, the competition offers the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during the course in practice.

The mood during the Eurobot is more like a robotics festival than a tough competition. Especially with the French teams, you will come across a number of imaginatively designed mascots who heat up the audience during the competitions. In general, a big party is organized for the participants and their fans at the end of the competition.

Catchment area

The Eurobot takes place in Europe , but it is open to all nations. The countries from which more than three teams want to participate must organize a national preliminary decision in order to determine the three teams that will participate in the international competition. But multinational teams are also welcome. The organization of the national preliminary rounds and the international competition is based almost entirely on the commitment of volunteers. They are often former participants, but other people interested in robots also actively support the Eurobot.


In contrast to the RoboCup , for example , the theme of the competition changes every year so as not to disadvantage the new teams and to offer those who have already participated a new challenge. However, some key data are not changed: the games last exactly 100 seconds (previously 90 seconds), the robots must not exceed a predetermined size and the playing field is usually no larger than an area of ​​3 × 2.1 meters. Two teams always compete against each other in a round.

Venue and rules of the game

year venue Rules of the game
1998 FranceFrance La Ferté-Bernard Soccer
1999 FranceFrance La Ferté-Bernard Castles and towers
2000 FranceFrance La Ferté-Bernard Fair
2001 FranceFrance La Ferté-Bernard Space Odyssey
2002 FranceFrance La Ferté-Bernard Spatial billiards
2003 FranceFrance La Ferté-Bernard Heads or tails
2004 FranceFrance La Ferté-Bernard Coconut rugby
2005 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Yverdon-les-Bains Bowling
2006 ItalyItaly Catania golf
2007 FranceFrance La Ferté-Bernard Rubbish recycling
2008 GermanyGermany Heidelberg Mission to Mars
2009 FranceFrance La Ferté-Bernard Temples of Atlantis
2010 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Rapperswil-Jona Feed the World
2011 RussiaRussia Astrakhan Chess'up!
2012 FranceFrance La Ferté-Bernard Treasure Island
2013 FranceFrance La Ferté-Bernard Happy Birthday !
2014 GermanyGermany Dresden Prehistobot
2015 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Yverdon-les-Bains Robomovies

Teams in Germany

team origin
Robot Club Aachen eV Aachen
TURAG eV Dresden
Green Birds Ludwigshafen am Rhein
RobOtter Club Hamburg Hamburg
MAMUT Robotics to water
Measure, Analyze, Improve Market Indersdorf

Based on the most recently participated teams.

Former teams in Germany

team origin
Leobots Leipzig
ÃT [n] OS Munich
HeidelBot Heidelberg
University of Heidelberg Heidelberg
The Rockys Rockenhausen
University. Saarland Eurobot Saarbrücken
ROBOTAS Stuttgart
DROF Dresden

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