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Niederfrohna municipality
Coordinates: 50 ° 52 ′ 22 "  N , 12 ° 44 ′ 58"  E
Area : 23 hectares
Incorporation : 1923
Incorporated into: Middle Frohna
Postal code : 09243
Area code : 03722
Fichtigsthal (Saxony)

Location of Fichtigsthal in Saxony

Fichtigsthal is a part of the municipality Niederfrohna in the district of Zwickau (Free State of Saxony ). The municipality of Fichtigsthal was incorporated into Mittelfrohna in 1923, with which it came to the municipality of Niederfrohna in 1936.


Geographical location

Fichtigsthal forms the southernmost part of the Niederfrohna municipality. In the village is the 366 meter high Ochsenberg, the highest point in Niederfrohna. Fichtigsthal extends left and right of the Pfarrbach, which flows into the Frohnbach on the northern outskirts .

Neighboring places

Middle Frohna
Oberfrohna Neighboring communities Middle Frohna


Hotel garni Fichtigsthal
Fichtigsthal, former Paul Kupfer dyeing and finishing, today pro4tex
Fichtigsthal, pro4tex

In contrast to its neighboring towns, Fichtigsthal was founded late in the 18th century. The town hall belonged at that time to the basic rule of the manor Mittelfrohna which as exclave to Saxon Office Rochlitz belonged. The heavily indebted Hartmann Friedrich von Schönberg from the noble family of the same name , owner of the Mittelfrohna manor, had the intention of founding a new town. He had chosen the valley of the Pfarrbach before its confluence with the Frohnbach as the location for this. This was on the lands of his own manor and the property of the neighboring manor Limbach . The Fichtenberg, the Fichtig and the Fichtigs Teich already existed here. The new city with the name Fichtigsthal was to be built in their vicinity .

Schönberg's main concern in founding the city was not to gain fame as the city's founder, but to solve his financial difficulties through the income that was expected from a city at the time. In 1738, Schönberg sent a corresponding request to found the city to the reigning Elector Friedrich August II of Saxony , who was also King of Poland at the time. Its officials hired several commissioners to look into the matter. After a brief consultation, they came to the conclusion that the application to found a city should be rejected, as the surrounding cities of Chemnitz and Penig had objected to this when they heard about Schönberg's application due to competition. Nevertheless, the newly chosen name Fichtigsthal, as the new town was to be called, found an entry in the parish register of Mittelfrohna as early as 1739 for an individual property located there, which was subordinate to the Schönberg manor Mittelfrohna.

Fichtigsthal is mentioned in the second edition of the alphabetical index of all places in Saxony as belonging to the Leipziger Creys and the Amt Rochlitz. From the notes it emerges: manor manor belonging to Mittelfrohna without a village, various gardeners and cottagers are on Rochlitz land. In 1797 an inn was built, which took on the name Fichtigsthal, to which several houses were added, the number of which in 1815 had already 20 with 120 residents. In 1839 Fichtigsthal became an independent municipality, in which in 1910 670 inhabitants lived.

Until 1832 Fichtigsthal belonged as part of the lordship of Mittelfrohna as an exclave to the electoral or royal Saxon office of Rochlitz . From 1832 Fichtigsthal was under the Chemnitz office . In 1851 Fichtigsthal came to the royal Saxon court in Limbach and in 1856 to the court office in Limbach , which in 1875 was incorporated into the Chemnitz official administration . In 1912 the "Färberei und Appretur Paul Kupfer" was founded in Fichtigsthal, which was known during the GDR as "VEB Rhombus", "VEB Roter Färber" and "VEB Trikotex". From 1991 the company worked under the name " Schiesser AG", from 2005 as "Greuter Jersey GmbH", from 2008 as "Textilveredelung Niederfrohna GmbH" and since 2009 as "pro4tex GmbH".

The incorporation of the municipality of Fichtigsthal into Mittelfrohna took place in 1923. Mittelfrohna and Fichtigsthal have belonged to Niederfrohna since 1936. The historic Fichtigsteich no longer exists today. It disappeared when it was included in the Limbach-Oberfrohna sewage treatment plant . Through the second district reform in the GDR , Fichtigsthal came as a district of the Niederfrohna community in 1952 to the Chemnitz-Land district in the Chemnitz district (renamed the Karl-Marx-Stadt-Land district and the Karl-Marx-Stadt district in 1953 ) Saxon district of Chemnitz was continued. When it was dissolved, Fichigsthal came to the district of Chemnitzer Land as a district of the Niederfrohna community in 1994 , which was added to the Zwickau district in 2008.


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