Franz Johann von Sweerts-Reist

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Franz Johann von Sweerts-Reist (born January 16, 1613 in Brabant , † September 22, 1700 in Silesia ) was a Silesian officer and landowner.


Franz Johann Sweerts, Imperial Baron von Reist, from the house of Lacken and Blauenturm, Lord of Groß-Peterwitz , Löwenstein , Niklasdorf and Neudorf in the Principality of Münsterberg- Franconia, was the offspring of a family from Brabant who became one of the seven patrician families of the city in 1306 Brussels mattered. His father Jan van der Reest, called Sweerts, had been adopted and since then has had the double name and a combined coat of arms.

During the Thirty Years' War Franz Johann was in the service of Spain and in 1651 received the knighthood from King Philip IV . Transferred to imperial service, he became lieutenant colonel and commandant in Troppau , Namslau and Neisse . With a diploma from September 15, 1653 Emperor Ferdinand III raised him . in the imperial baron and awarded him with a second diploma from April 22, 1654 the incolate of Bohemia , Moravia and Silesia . In December 1653, Franz Johann, together with Abbot Kaspar Liebichen of the Heinrichau Monastery, was the sovereign commissioner for the recatholization of the Principality of Münsterberg-Frankenstein. After his second marriage in 1657 he gave up military service and devoted himself to the management of his property until the end of his life, which he reached at the age of 87.

In 1653 he married Juliana Elisabeth Freiin von Burghaus, daughter of the Münsterberg governor Nikolaus von Burghaus, with whom he had a son. Since she died on February 22, 1654, in 1657 he married Barbara Anna Freiin von Krafft (1636–1683), daughter of Imperial Colonel Heinrich Krafft von Lammersdorf , Lord of Tschernikowitz and Racibórz , with whom he had seven children, five daughters and two sons, would have. The son from his first marriage, Franz Karl, is the founder of the Austrian family branch; the sons from the second marriage, Johann Heinrich and Leopold Ignaz , continued the Silesian line. His daughter Franziska Apollonia (1667–1726) married Count Franz Anton von Sporck (1662–1738 ) in 1687 and thus founded the line of Count von Swéerts-Sporck that still exists today .


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