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Georg Dietrich Hermann Crusen (born May 15, 1867 in Gifhorn , † November 14, 1949 in Gerlingen ) was a German lawyer , most recently President of the Higher Court of the Free City of Danzig .


Crusen was born the son of the District Court Councilor Hermann Crusen and his wife Marie Hetzer. He attended the Ratsgymnasium in Hanover and graduated from high school there in 1886 . After studying law in Lausanne , Berlin , Leipzig and Marburg , he received his doctorate in 1890 . His doctoral thesis was Offenses against graves and corpses . In 1895 Crusen was employed as a judicial assessor in the disciplinary court for non-judicial officials and in the Reich Justice Office in Berlin . In 1899, although he had already been appointed as a district judge in Frankfurt am Main , he was given leave to go to Tokyo . There he worked as an advisory board member at the Ministries of the Interior and Justice , and as a lecturer at the Academy for Police and Prison Officers. From January 20, 1902, Crusen worked as a judge at the Imperial Court and the Kiautschou High Court . From 1909 on, he was also a lecturer at the German-Chinese University , the forerunner of today's Qingdao University . On August 1, 1903, he was appointed chief judge for life.

After the siege of Tsingtau at the beginning of the First World War and the capture of the city by Japanese troops , Crusen came to the German Consulate General in Shanghai in November 1914 . There he worked as head of the Kiautschou administration and in consular jurisdiction. After the end of the First World War, he was repatriated in 1919. From January 1, 1920, Crusen worked as a secret senior judicial councilor in the Prussian Ministry of Justice. There he headed the department for the implementation of the peace treaty . At the same Crusen was 1920-1925 representative of Prussia in the Reichsrat . In 1925 Crusen resigned from service in the Reich and moved to the High Court of the Free City of Danzig, which he led as President from February 1, 1925 to September 30, 1932. In 1932 Crusen retired, but continued to act as an advisor to the Danzig government on international law. After his retirement he lived in Gerlingen near Stuttgart . After 1945 he was still employed as a judge in court proceedings in Ludwigsburg ; his own denazification took place in front of the Böblingen Spruchkammer .


Crusen married the teacher Amalie Davidsen (1884–1973) on May 22, 1909, and the couple had 2 children, both of whom were born in Tsingtau (daughter Helga, * 1910 and son Harald, * 1911). The family accompanied Crusen to Shanghai and later to Germany.

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