Georg Rudolf Lind

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Georg Rudolf Lind (born March 17, 1926 in Berlin ; † January 9, 1990 in Malveira da Serra ) was a German Romanist , Lusitanist and translator.

life and work

Lind first worked as a volunteer for a Dortmund daily newspaper. He then studied in Cologne and Bonn and received his doctorate in 1952 under Fritz Schalk with a study of motifs on Jorge Guillén's "Cántico" (Frankfurt 1955). In 1969 he completed his habilitation with Karl Maurer in Bochum on The Poetry Theory Fernando Pessoas ( Teoria poética de Fernando Pessoa , translated from German into Portuguese by Margarida Losa, Porto 1970). In 1975 he was appointed to the newly established third Romance Department at the University of Graz , where he taught until 1985. Lind translated from Portuguese primarily Fernando Pessoa , alongside Joaquim Maria Assis, Maria Alice Barroso, José Condé, Vergílio Ferreira , Agustina Bessa Luís, Antonio Machado , Ariano Suassuna and Dalton Trevisan. The German Lusitanist Association named its sponsorship award after Georg Rudolf Lind.

Other works

  • (Ed.) Fernando Pessoa, Páginas de estética e de teoria e crítica , Lisboa 1965
  • (Ed.) Fernando Pessoa, Páginas íntimas e de auto-interpretação , Lisboa 1966
  • (Ed.) Sade, Writings from the Revolutionary Period , Frankfurt 1969
  • World language Portuguese [textbook], Munich 1965, 3rd edition 1971
  • (Ed.) Portuguese Reading Book , Munich 1970
  • Estudos sobre Fernando Pessoa , Lisboa 1981
  • (Ed.) Fernando Pessoa, Personal Documents and Selected Letters , Zurich 1988


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