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Georg Schönmuth (born May 27, 1928 in Frankena , Krs. Luckau , Niederlausitz; † July 9, 2016 in Neustadt (Dosse) ) was a German agricultural scientist, animal breeder and university professor.


Georg Schönmuth was born as the youngest son of a farmer in Niederlausitz , attended elementary school and then completed an agricultural apprenticeship. From 1944 onwards there was military service in the Navy and British captivity. After two years working in his father's business, Schönmuth graduated from the agricultural school in Rostock as a state-certified farmer in 1948 . From 1949 he studied agricultural science at the Humboldt University of Berlin (HU) and graduated as a qualified farmer in 1952.

This was followed by two years as a consultant for the breeding organization for horse breeding in the state of Brandenburg. In 1954 Schönmuth moved to the Institute for Animal Breeding and Domestic Animal Genetics of the Agricultural and Horticultural Faculty of the HU Berlin to Wilhelm Stahl , became an assistant and received his doctorate in 1955. agr. with a topic on the efficiency of warm blood breeding in Brandenburg. During this time he also passed - as the youngest participant - the second state examination for animal breeding managers in Berlin. In 1957 he became senior assistant, from 1960 already with teaching assignments, 1962 with the perception of a professorship with teaching assignment, 1963 with the provisional management of the institute and after the habilitation (1964) with the institute management as well as professor with teaching assignment, with full teaching assignment and finally with chair commissioned for general and special animal breeding.

Even after the establishment of the animal production and veterinary medicine section as part of the third university reform of the GDR in 1968, Schönmuth retained the leadership of the animal breeding and domestic animal genetics department as a full professor. With the new formation of the agricultural garden. Faculty he was appointed professor for animal breeding in 1990 and retired in 1993 due to old age. After that, he worked in an advisory capacity and gave lectures for many years, but was no longer able to influence the closure of the faculty and the conversion to the Albrecht Daniel Thaer Institute for Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences on April 1, 2014. He died after a long illness on July 9, 2016 and was taken to the cemetery in Stolzenhagen b. Bernau buried.

Honorary positions

  • 1966–93 member of the editorial board of the "Archive for Animal Breeding"
  • Member of the editorial team of the magazine "Tierzucht"
  • 1968 Deputy Chairman of the Central Genetics Working Group of the Research Council of the GDR
  • 1976–84 Vice President,
  • 1985–91 President of the Cattle Breeding Commission of the European Association for Animal Production
  • 1984 Chairman of the Animal Breeding and Breeding Research Section of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences (AdL) of the GDR
  • 1983 Vice Dean
  • 1986 Dean of the Agricultural Faculty of the HU Berlin
  • Member of the main committee of the German Society for Breeding Science ( DGfZ )
  • 1990 Chairman of the Science Council of the AdL plenum for the renewal of the learned society
  • 1991–94 member of the Federal Government's Science Council
  • 1991 and 1997 member of the board of trustees and the scientific. Council of the Foundation "Research Institute for the Biology of Farm Animals" (BfN) Dummerstorf near Rostock
  • Judge and chairman of numerous cattle shows
  • Breeding Commission of the RBB


Georg Schönmuth worked for 40 years, including over 30 years as a professor of animal breeding and pet genetics at the Humboldt University in Berlin. This made him one of the agricultural training centers located in Berlin, the university lecturer for animal breeding with the longest period of service and a worthy representative on this chair, which is important throughout Germany. He lectured in general and special animal breeding and focused his research on the animal species beef. Above all, the scientific planning and support of the program for the breeding of the black and white dairy cattle (SMR) of the GDR from 1963 should be mentioned, in which the existing breed of the black and white low-lying cattle in the first step through crossbreeding of Danish Jersey (to improve the milk content) and in the second step by British Friesian (to increase milk yield and body capacity).

In the specialization, Schönmuth secured the development of further chairs or assignments such as B. biochemical-physiological genetics in domestic animals, technology / animal husbandry, animal breeding of the agricultural sector. Main species as well as animal feeding. He achieved great merits by holding lectures and exams in the courses for state-approved animal breeding managers and, after 1972, by taking over the organization of this training as a postgraduate course at the HU Berlin. Between 1955 and 1990 around 850 people achieved this degree. From 1966 to 1968 he organized symposia for animal breeding with international participation of scientists and thus maintained important contacts with professional colleagues in western areas. After the political change, he contributed to the reorganization of agricultural research in the new federal states - including the merger of the agricultural faculty of the Technical University of Berlin with the agricultural gardening department. Faculty of the Humboldt University.

Georg Schönmuth supervised 80 dissertations, 19 habilitations and PhDs B and published 268 scientific articles.



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