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Giovannangelo Camporeale: La collezione alla querce. Materiali archeologici orvietani. (1970)
Giovannangelo Camporeale: Buccheri a cilindretto di fabbrica orvietana. (2012)

Giovannangelo Camporeale (born  October 27, 1933 in Molfetta , † July 1, 2017 in Florence ) was an Italian archaeologist and Etruscanologist . He taught as a professor at the University of Florence .

life and work

Camporeale studied at the University of Florence, became a research assistant in 1962 and later professor of Etruscology . In his research he first devoted himself to epigraphic and linguistic studies of the Etruscan and Italian languages . Later he concentrated more on archaeological excavations . After more than 40 years of teaching and research, Camporeale retired in 2008 .

Camporeale dealt with pre-Roman Italy and in particular with the Etruscan culture. His scientific work included political organizations, figurative mythology , Bucchero - ceramic , iconographic and iconological problems and the history of Etruscan studies. He studied the mining activity and the socio-economic implications in ancient Etruria , the commercial and cultural relations of the Etruscans with the Italian , Mediterranean and transalpine peoples. He published more than 300 publications on these topics.

Camporeale has authored fundamental treatises on the Etruscans that have been translated into various languages, including an overview of Etruscan history and culture entitled Gli Etruschi. Storia e civiltà , which was also published in German. He was co-author and curator of the work Gli Etruschi fuori d'Etruria about the Etruscans outside their heartland, which was also published in English.

Camporeale directed numerous archaeological excavations, particularly in Vetulonia , Orvieto and Arezzo . At Lago dell'Accesa near Massa Marittima he has been researching since 1980 and expanded the archaeological department of the Municipal Museum of Massa Marittima for over 30 years. In 2014 he was awarded honorary citizenship for his scientific services to the city . Since 2016 he was also an honorary citizen of Cortona .

Camporeale was a member of numerous Italian and foreign academies and institutes . For the Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae , a comprehensive reference work on ancient mythology , he was active on the scientific council and on the board of trustees . In addition, he was a member of the editorial committee for the Thesaurus Cultus et Rituum Antiquorum , a multi-volume reference work on the religious cults and rites of antiquity .

Memberships (selection)

Publications (selection)

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