Gottfried IV. (Lower Lorraine)

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Gottfried the hunchback

Gottfried IV. , Called the Bucklige (* around 1040; † February 27, 1076 ) was Duke of Lower Lorraine from 1069 to 1076. He was a son of Duke Gottfried III. the bearded man from Lower Lorraine and his wife Doda.

For political reasons, Gottfried was married to Mathilde von Tuszien in 1069 , the daughter of Margrave Bonifatius IV of Tuszien and Beatrix von Bar , who in turn had married Gottfried's father as a widow. Gottfried IV and Mathilde had only one child, Beatrix († 1071).

From 1071 the couple lived separately, in the investiture dispute Mathilde was on the side of Pope Gregory VII , Gottfried on the other hand on that of King Heinrich IV.

Gottfried IV fought in 1075 near Homburg an der Unstrut in the Saxon War for the king against Duke Magnus of Saxony . Together with Bishop Wilhelm von Utrecht , he drove Count Dietrich V from West Friesland , later Holland .

On February 27, 1076 Gottfried was murdered in Vlaardingen . The deed happened on behalf of the Count of Flanders, Robert the Frisian , against whom he was about to wage war. According to the report of Lambert of Hersfeld Gottfried was during carrying out his call of nature on the garderobe killed. Another tradition added that the perpetrator stuck a dagger into the anus of the duke, whereupon the duke died of the injury. He was buried in the Cathedral of Verdun.

Since Gottfried had no descendants, he had chosen his nephew Gottfried von Bouillon as his successor against Mathilde's opposition . In the subsequent inheritance dispute, the emperor decided his younger son Konrad to be Duke, Count Albert III. Namur was designated as vicedux (vice-duke) and regent. Godfrey of Bouillon could not take over his inheritance until 1088.

Individual evidence

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