Gray panthers (party)

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Gray panthers
Party leader Georg Schulte
Federal Treasurer Thomas Bartl
founding 5th October 2013
Headquarters Neitersen
Government grants 25,503.42 euros (2017)
(as of February 22, 2018)
Minimum age 16 years

Graue Panther (formerly: Allianz Graue Panther Deutschland ) is a small German party . It emerged from a merger of the Graue Panther Germany party , which had already merged on April 14, 2012 with the party Die Grauen - Generationspartei , and the party Allianz Graue Panther . All these parties emerged from the party Die Grauen - Graue Panther, which was dissolved in 2008 .

The party name "Allianz Graue Panther Deutschland" was changed to "Graue Panther" in September 2015 in consultation with the Federal Returning Officer. The reason for this was that the insurance group Allianz SE threatened to take legal action because the Allianz name is legally protected.

Predecessor parties

Alliance Gray Panthers

On March 29, 2008 the Allianz Graue Panther (AGP) was founded in Fulda . The former chairwoman of the Gray Trude Unruh took part in the founding, but was not present for health reasons. The founding chairman was Johannes Butscher . Admission to the 2009 European elections was not achieved, and no notification of participation required to participate in the 2009 Bundestag election was submitted. In the local elections in 2011, the AGP in Frankfurt am Main received 0.4% of the vote and a seat in the city council.

In January 2013 the AGP announced that it would speak to the German Conservative Party about a possible merger. The announced merger was later canceled by the German Conservative Party after the Graue Panther Alliance broke off talks. For the state election in Hesse in 2013 , the party ran for the first time in a state election. The federal chairman was Georg Schulte . State associations existed in Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, Lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate.

The gray generation party

In the Berlin regional association of the gray - gray panthers there was resistance to the dissolution of the party. A group around the ex-chairman Norbert Raeder founded a successor party called Die Grauen - Generationspartei before it was finally dissolved . The first regional association was founded on March 29, 2008 in Torgau / Saxony. The founding party conferences of the state associations of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony-Anhalt and Hesse all took place at the beginning of April 2008. The party took part in the 2009 European elections and achieved 0.2%.

The chairman was initially Norbert Raeder. From October 2009 to February 17, 2010 Michael Schulz (* 1977) was chairman, who until he took office was deputy chairman of Die Grauen - Graue Panther.

The party took part in the 2009 European elections . The top candidate was also Norbert Raeder. The Grays received 0.22% of the vote.

The Grays were not allowed to take part in the 2009 Bundestag elections because the Federal Electoral Committee had denied party status in its meeting on July 17, 2009 and the attempt by the party to enforce their approval by means of an urgent application for an interim order at the Federal Constitutional Court on July 31, 2009 failed.

On February 17, 2010, seven of nine members of the party executive resigned, including Michael Schulz. The former chairman Raeder is accused of having blocked the work of the federal executive committee. Schulz joined the Pirate Party on February 25, 2010 .

On May 30, an emergency board proposed by the Charlottenburg district court was constituted. On July 12th, it set an extraordinary federal party congress for September 4th, 2010, at which a new board of directors was elected in Frankfurt am Main under the leadership of Wolfgang Rühlmann.

In 2012 the party merged with Graue Panther Germany.

Gray panther Germany

The Graue Panther Germany (GPD) party was founded on September 11, 2010 in Berlin as a further successor party . She claimed to continue the tradition of the party in the spirit of Trude Unruh. On April 14, 2012, GPD and Die Grauen - Generationspartei merged, the merged party also bore the name Graue Panther Deutschland .


In its program, the party emphasizes its successor to the party Die Grauen - Graue Panther , which was dissolved in 2008 after a donation fraud in the millions. Self-determination and personal responsibility are central guiding principles of the party. In its program, the party emphasizes values ​​and virtues, for example honesty, but also tolerance. She advocates stronger European integration, in terms of foreign and defense policy and equally in domestic policy, for example on the subject of education, in which she regards equal opportunities as the “key to better opportunities on the path of life”. The party rejects classification in a left-right scheme.

Regional associations

country Chairman
Baden-WürttembergBaden-Württemberg Baden-Württemberg Erich R. Waldner
BavariaBavaria Bavaria S. Pielsticker
HesseHesse Hesse Harald Fromke
North Rhine-WestphaliaNorth Rhine-Westphalia North Rhine-Westphalia Karlheinz Frings
Rhineland-PalatinateRhineland-Palatinate Rhineland-Palatinate Joachim Altenhofer

Election results

In 2016, the party competed in the 2016 election to the Berlin House of Representatives , where it received 1.1% of the vote. This gave her the right to financial support from the state.
In the state elections in Hesse in 2018 , it received 0.2% of the votes and in 2019 in the European elections according to the preliminary result 76,172 votes, which corresponds to 0.2%.


On May 13, 2017, a group led by Berlin-based Michael Schulz, former chairman of Die Grauen - Generationspartei, founded the party Die Grauen - For All Generations . The party was approved as a political party by the federal election committee for the 2017 federal election .


On May 29, 2019, the two small parties Gray Panthers and the Employees and Pensioners Union (short name: ARU ) decided to merge. Your goal is to appear together in public. In the future, the ARU will provide the Bavarian State Association.

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