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Hans Wussing

Hans-Ludwig Wußing (born October 15, 1927 in Waldheim ; † April 26, 2011 in Leipzig ) was a German historian of mathematics and science.


Wussing passed his Abitur in Waldheim and studied mathematics and physics at the University of Leipzig from 1947 to 1952 under Ernst Hölder, among others . There he passed the state examination in 1952 and received his doctorate in 1957 ( on embedding finite groups ). From 1956 to 1966 he was an assistant at the Karl Sudhoff Institute for the History of Medicine and Natural Sciences at the University of Leipzig. He completed his habilitation there in 1966 with a groundbreaking work on The Genesis of the Abstract Concept of Groups . From 1966 to 1968 Wussing was a lecturer, since 1968 professor for the history of mathematics and natural sciences. After he was head of a department of the Karl Sudhoff Institute, he headed the institute from 1977 to 1982. In 1984 he became a full member of the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig and in 1992 he retired .

Wußing is the author of numerous publications on the history of science, author of many mathematicians' biographies and co-editor of several series of works , u. a. of biographies published by Teubner Verlag , the Biographisch-Literarisches Handlexikon der exact Naturwissenschaften (von Poggendorff) and several volumes in the series Ostwald's Classics of Exact Sciences (Euler's work on the theory of functions, Gauß 'diary, Klein's Erlanger program).

In 1993 he received the Kenneth O. May Prize . Wussing had been a member of the Académie internationale d'histoire des sciences since 1981 . Until 1998 he was chairman of the commission for the history of science at the Saxon Academy of Sciences and was involved in the publication of Johann Christian Poggendorff's biographical-literary concise dictionary on the history of the exact sciences .


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