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Heinrich Anselm von Promnitz (born November 26, 1564 in Sorau , † March 14, 1622 in Lübben ) was governor of Lower Lusatia .


Heinrich Anselm came from the Promnitz family . His parents were Seyfried von Promnitz (1534–1597) and Ursula von Schaffgotsch († October 16, 1587). In 1574 his father sent him to Bohemia for training, where he learned the Czech language, knowledge of which was essential for a political career in the area of ​​the Bohemian Crown . In 1579 he went on a multi-year educational trip to Italy, Holland and England. In 1584 he entered service at the Prague court of Emperor Rudolf II . There he initially exercised the office of rough cutter at the imperial table; later he rose to the position of imperial chamberlain.

After the death of his father in 1597, he took over the rule of the extensive family estates, which included the dominions Sorau - Triebel in Niederlausitz, Pless in the Principality of Pless and Hoyerswerda in Upper Lusatia . In his Niederlausitz possessions he campaigned for the organization of the Protestant church system and set up a stately consistory.

At the end of 1598, Emperor Rudolf II appointed Baron Heinrich Anselm von Promnitz as bailiff from among the people proposed by Niederlausitz and had him introduced to the state parliament on January 28, 1599 by his commissioners. During the bohemian uprising he stood on the side of the Habsburgs , which is why he lost the bailiwick in 1619. In 1621 he was reinstated in this office, but died in March of the following year.


On January 20th, 1590 Heinrich Anselm married Sophie von Kurzbach , a granddaughter of Duke Friedrich III. from Liegnitz . The children came from marriage:

  • Anna Sophie († 1624) ∞ Adam Johann von Myensky
  • Siegmund Seyfried (* July 16, 1595 - † July 30, 1654)
    ∞ Anna Margareta von Putbus (* 1604; † June 29, 1645)
    ∞ Katharina Elisabeth von Schönburg-Lichtenstein (* April 27, 1625 - † October 20, 1656)
    ∞ Agnes Freiin von Rackwitz
  • Polyxena Elisabeth († 1650) ∞ Hans von Pückler (* November 12, 1576; † October 28, 1638)



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