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Coat of arms of the von Racknitz family

Racknitz is the name of an in Heinsheim resident Baron Enge BadS that originated in the Styrian nobility has and after its parent Ragnitzegg in Great Saint Florian is named on the Laßnitz.


Heinsheim Castle

The family originally comes from Styria , where it is first mentioned in 1180 at its ancestral home in Pernegg Castle . It is documented for the first time on October 1, 1224 with Heinricus de Rackniz and begins its line with Hermann von Racknitz , who appears in a document from 1374 to 1379. Around 1500 a Christoph von Racknitz was an advisor to the Roman-German king and later emperor Maximilian I.

Imperial Freiherrenstand Graz on March 14, 1553 for the brothers Gallus and Moritz von Ragknitz , Austrian baron confirmation and coat of arms association with that of the extinct von Perneck on August 21, 1570 for Christoph and Gallus von Racknitz, sons of the aforementioned Moritz.

In 1644, Moritz Freiherr von Racknitz, who was resident in Preßburg , moved with his family to the Viennese imperial court because of the plague that was rampant there ; contacts with the descendants of the former Reichspfennigmaster Zacharias Geizkofler may have been established there, since Moritz's nephew Septimius von Racknitz 1667 Ferdinand Geizkofler's widow Maria Polyxena, nee. von Täuffenbach, and Moritz's son Christoph Erasmus, whose daughter from their first marriage, Maria Elisabetha Geizkofler, got married. In addition to the considerable Geizkofler assets, the imperial-free rule of Haunsheim , located in Swabia, came to the Racknitz through this, who was the heir , in whose hands it remained until 1823. In 1675, Christoph Erasmus von Racknitz acquired the neighboring rulership of Bergenweiler from the related barons of Weltz .

Christoph Erasmus' son Philipp Wilhelm married the rule of Heinsheim in Baden in 1721 and acquired all associated rights from the diocese of Worms in 1727. He founded the line of the noble family that is still flourishing today.

Haunsheim, on the other hand, first came to the descendants of Christoph Erasmus' second son Johann Friedrich, and later to the grandson of Philipp Wilhelm from the Heinsheim line, Eugen Freiherr von Racknitz. His descendants sold Haunsheim in 1823 to the banker Johann Gottlieb Freiherr von Süsskind .

The Heinsheimer Racknitz acquired the neighboring Ehrenberg Castle and the village of Zimmerhof from the Landgrave of Hesse (the legal successor to the Worms Monastery) in 1805 . Heinsheim Castle and Ehrenberg Castle are still owned by the family who run a hotel in the castle and live in the castle's outer bailey. Family graves are located both at the Heinsheim mountain church and in the Haunsheim church.

The Heinsheim line was related to the houses of Gemmingen , Degenfeld , Löwenstein-Wertheim and Göler .

Laibach Castle has been owned by the family since 1777 .

Extended coat of arms from 1553

coat of arms

  • The tribe coat of arms shows the upper part of a silver donkey in red . Donkeys growing on helmets with red and silver covers .
  • The coat of arms from 1570 is quartered and covered with a golden heart shield, inside a fire-breathing black panther († von Perneck); fields 1 and 4 show the family coat of arms, 2 and 3 in red a silver diagonal bar. Three helmets: on the right the trunk helmet, the middle helmet over black and gold blankets, the gold crowned black panther, whose back is covered with five natural peacock feathers († von Perneck), the left helmet with red and silver blankets two divided by silver over red across the corner Buffalo horns.

Significant family members

Gallus von Racknitz (1590–1658), Imperial Councilor and Chamberlain, Minister of State
Joseph Friedrich von Racknitz, court marshal in Dresden
Johann Gustav von Racknitz (1727–1764), Württ. Court Marshal
Marianne, b. von Adelsheim, wife of Johann Gustav

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Individual evidence

  1. Rein monastery near Graz, Styria. Document book No. 219


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