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Hustler booth at Adult Entertainment Expo 2010

Hustler has been a monthly US men's magazine since 1974 with a current circulation of just under 500,000 copies. (As of 2008)

Development and content

Hustler was founded by Larry Flynt in 1974. It emerged from the earlier publications Flynts, Hustler Newsletter and The Hustler For Today's Man , which only served as a cheap advertising platform for his strip clubs. In the first year, the magazine struggled to establish itself as many dealers refused to sell the magazine , which was provided with increasingly explicit pornographic images. Over the years the circulation rose and fell up to 3 million and in 2008 it had settled in a range of around 500,000 copies. Basically clearer photos were published in the Hustler than in comparable magazines; In November 1974, Hustler was the first magazine to show a so-called pink shot , the photo of an open vulva . With the publication of the nude photos of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis taken by a paparazzo , Flynt also achieved a special coup in 1975. Some of the pornographic images were highly controversial because of the depicted humiliation of the woman. Regular content also includes critical, suggestive and cynical caricatures on topics that are otherwise considered taboo .

In 1976 Flynt founded the company Larry Flynt Publications (LFP), under whose roof Hustler and other pornographic productions Flynts (for example the men's magazine Chic ) are produced. Until 1986, the company focused on pornography; today LFP produces clothes, magazines and films under the label Hustler . The company is now represented almost all over the world.

Controversy, Hustlers, and Politics

Jokes about, for example, misogyny , religion , child abuse and racism have repeatedly led to severe criticism of the hustler. Feminists and religious groups in particular are among the harshest critics of the hustler and thus of Flynt and his view of satire.

Due to a parody of the fundamentalist preacher Jerry Falwell , which depicts him drunk in an incestuous situation with his mother, Hustler was sued for "defamatory and deliberate infliction of emotional damage." Ultimately, the trial led Hustler Magazine v. Falwell to strengthen freedom of expression in relation to caricatures of public figures through the final decision of the Supreme Court .

The magazine takes left-wing positions on political issues relating to the economy, social affairs and foreign policy and thus differs from other men's magazines, such as Playboy , which traditionally have a more conservative attitude to these issues. Flynt led violent attacks on the Ronald Reagan administration and Christian fundamental rights via the Hustler in the 1980s , while later publicly supporting Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky affair .

Every month, the magazine is distributed unsolicited and free of charge to all members of Congress to “keep them informed about what's going on in the rest of the world ... some don't really appreciate it,” according to Flynt. It is not known exactly how long MPs started getting the hustler, it started between 1974 and 1983 and continues to this day.

On the occasion of the 2008 presidential election in the United States , the porn film Who's Nailin 'Paylin? published, which sees itself as a satire on Sarah Palin , the governor of the state of Alaska and candidate of the Republican Party for the vice presidency . In addition to Palin, her husband Todd, the journalist and television presenter Bill O'Reilly , US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the former first lady and candidate for the presidential nomination Hillary Clinton are parodied.

In addition, Hustler regularly parodies well-known US series, films and TV shows as pornographic films, such as Happy Days in This Ain't Happy Days XXX and This Ain't Happy Days XXX 2 - Fonzie loves Pinky or Star Trek in This Ain't Star Trek XXX and This Ain't Star Trek XXX 2 - The Butterfly Effect .

Related magazines

Other publications by LFP are Hustler's Taboo ( fetish and bondage ), Barely Legal (softcore, models between 18 and 23 years of age), Asian Fever (Asian models), Hustler XX (hardcore), Hustler's Leg World (nylons, legs and feet) , Hustler's Chic Magazine (glossy pornography).

Hustlers on the Internet

Hustler offers over 25 so-called "premium pages" on the Internet. It contains over 5000 photos and 4000 scenes.


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