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Ines Schiller (2018)

Ines Schiller (born May 3, 1983 in Freistadt ) is an Austrian actress and video artist. On television she played in Soko Kitzbühel and Schnell Determined, among others .


From 2004, Schiller studied acting at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz, where she graduated with distinction in 2008. During her studies, she made guest appearances at the Munich Volkstheater , at the Théâtre Municipal in Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg and at the Thalia Theater Halle . Then she was a permanent member of the ensemble at the Neuen Theater Halle until 2012 (where she played the leading role in the world premiere of Charlotte Roches Wetlands ), the Anhaltisches Theater Dessau and the Nationaltheater Mannheim . At the same time, she studied time-based media at the Art University Linz from 2008 and received her master's degree in the arts in September 2012. Further engagements followed at Theater Bonn , Theater St. Gallen , Staatstheater Hannover and Schauspiel Frankfurt . From 2016 to 2019 she was a permanent member of the ensemble at the Landestheater Linz .

Ines Schiller will play at the Vorarlberger Landestheater and at Werk X in Vienna in the 2019/2020 season .

Ines Schiller lives in Berlin, Linz and Vienna.

Theater (selection)

Thalia Theater Hamburg 2003

  • based on Ödön von Horváth 20 minutes - role of Elisabeth, Christine Eder (director)

Volkstheater Munich 2007

  • Ferenc Molnár: Liliom - role of Julie, Christine Eder (director)

National Theater Luxembourg 2008

  • based on Friedrich Schiller: The Terrorists - Role of Kosinsky, Marc Baum (Director)

New Theater Halle 2008–2009

  • Curt Goetz: The Robbery of the Sabine Women - Role of Paula, Herbert Fritsch (Director)
  • Charlotte Roche : Wetlands (world premiere) - role of Helen Mermel, Christina Friedrich (director)
  • Claudine Galea: Die Nacht vonwegenangst - role of vonwegenangst , Katka Schroth (director)

Anhaltisches Theater Dessau 2009–2010

  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Götz von Berlichingen - role of Elisabeth, André Bücker (director)
  • Georg Seidel: Carmen Kittel - role of Carmen Kittel, Niklas Ritter (director), cooperation Deutsches Theater Berlin
  • Carl Zuckmayer: Des Teufels General - role of Waltraut von Mohrungen, Wolf Bunge (director)
  • Heinrich von Kleist: The Schroffenstein Family - Role of Agnes, Christian Weise (Director)
  • Gotthold Ephraim Lessing: Nathan the Wise - role of Recha, André Bücker (director)

National Theater Mannheim 2009–2011

  • Friedrich Schiller: Don Carlos - Role of the Princess of Eboli, Georg Schmiedleitner (Director)
  • Felicia Zeller: Conversations with astronauts (world premiere) - role of Irina, Burkhard C. Kosminski (director)
  • Dietmar Dath: Waffenwetter (world premiere) - role of Claudia Starik, André Bücker (director)

Theater St. Gallen 2011

  • Henrik Ibsen: Hedda Gabler - role of Thea Elvsted, Volker Schmidt (director)
  • Elfriede Jelinek: The Contracts of the Merchant (Swiss premiere) - Role The Nothing , Thorleifur Örn Arnarsson (Director)

Theater Bonn 2012–2013

  • Friedrich Schiller: The Robbers - Role of Amalia, Niklas Ritter (Director)
  • Bertolt Brecht: Life of Galilei - role of Andrea Sarti, Niklas Ritter (director)

State Theater Hannover 2013

  • Friedrich Schiller: Die Räuber - Role of Amalia, Ruth Messing (director), Landestheater Tübingen 2013
  • Heinrich von Kleist: The Earthquake in Chili - role of the woman, Maria Viktoria Linke (director)

Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin 2014

  • Center for Political Beauty First fall of the European Wall , Cesy Leonard (director)

Drama Frankfurt 2013–2015

  • Heiner Müller : The Order - Roles First Love and Angel of Despair, Mizgin Bilmen (director)
  • Lothar Kittstein: The White Wolf (World Premiere) - Role of Janine, Christoph Mehler (Director)
  • Gertrude Stein: Turkey and bones and eat ... - role of Gertrude Stein, Carolin Millner (director)

Volksschauspiele Telfs 2016

  • William Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew - Role of Catherine, Markus Völlenklee (Director)

Landestheater Linz 2016–2019

  • Peter Weiss: The persecution and murder of Jean Paul Marat - role of the head of the inspection, Katrin Plötner (director)
  • Horvath: Kasimir and Karoline - role of Erna, Susanne Lietzow (director)
  • Hauptmann: Lonely People - Role of Anna Mahr, Christoph Diem (Director)
  • Brecht: Arturo Ui - role of Betty Dullfeed, Dockdaisy, Stephan Suschke (director)
  • Ines Schiller: Metropolinz - role of Iris, Ruth Messing (director)
  • William Shakespeare, Heiner Müller: Titus Andronicus - role of Tamora, Stephan Suschke (director)
  • Elfriede Jelinek: Light in the Box - Role of Elfriede, Katka Schroth (Director)
  • Sophocles: Antigone - role of Ismene, Stephan Suschke (director)
  • Grillparzer: The golden fleece - role of Medea, Susanne Lietzow (director)
  • Felix Mitterer : Jägerstätter - role of Franziska Jägerstätter, Markus Völlenklee (director)
  • Lars von Trier : Dogville - role of Ma Ginger
  • Martin Plattner : rand: constantly - the role of women in the freezer

Season 2019/2020

  • Niklas Ritter: Antoinette Capet - The Austrian - role of Antoinette Capet. Vorarlberg State Theater
  • Peter Turrini and Rudi Palla : The Workers Saga - Part II (Episode 3) . Werk X, Vienna, Martina Gredler (director)

Video works

  • Hedda Gabler , director: Volker Schmidt, Theater St. Gallen, 2011
  • Wars of the Roses , directed by Volker Schmidt, Theater Phönix Linz, 2012
  • Die Räuber , directed by Ruth Messing, Staatsschauspiel Hannover, 2013
  • Hero , editor and director, 2015
  • Metropolinz , director: Ruth Messing, Landestheater Linz, 2018

Filmography (selection)

  • 2011: Georg Seidels Carmen (short film)
  • 2012: SOKO Kitzbühel (TV series, episode Gang of Four )
  • 2012: Kid Nap (short film, as herself)
  • 2013: Keep me in mind (documentation)
  • 2016: Kato (graduation film from the Art Academy for Media Cologne)
  • 2017: two sisters
  • 2018: Quickly determined (TV series, episode Elena Ruggenberger )

Nominations and invitations

  • 2009/2010 nomination as best young actress ( Theater heute )
  • 2012 Invitation to the Mülheim Theater Days with conversations about astronauts by Felicia Zeller, director: Burkhard C. Kosminski
  • 2011 Invitation to the Autorentheatertage at the Deutsches Theater Berlin with Carmen Kittel by Georg Seidel, director: Niklas Ritter
  • 2015 Invitation to the exhibition project sans serif as part of the Havana Biennale
  • 2015 invitation to the Heimatfilmfestival in Freistadt
  • 2015 invitation to Diagonale in Vienna

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