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Felix Mitterer (Vienna 2008)

Felix Mitterer (born February 6, 1948 in Achenkirch , Tyrol ) is an Austrian playwright and actor . He works as a theater , radio play and screenwriter .


Felix Mitterer was born as the son of the widowed farm worker Adelheid Marksteiner and a Romanian refugee and was adopted immediately after the birth by a farm worker couple who were friends with their mother. He went to school in Kitzbühel and Kirchberg , then attended the teacher training institute in Innsbruck and from 1966 worked at the Innsbruck customs office. In 1970 his first contributions were made on ORF . In 1977 he started his own business as a freelance writer. Besides his literary work, he comes again and again, as in his first play No Place for Idiots , as an actor. Felix Mitterer worked and lived in Castlelyons ( Caisleán Ó Liatháin ), Ireland , from 1995 to 2010 . In 2010 he bought a farm in Ravelsbach im Weinviertel to move to Austria , which he has also lived in since 2011.

Felix Mitterer was married to the artist Chryseldis Hofer-Mitterer , the couple has a daughter.

Mitterer describes himself as a “Tyrolean local poet and folk author” and continues the tradition of folk plays in content and form with his works, which often use a dialect artificial language . In doing so, he mostly takes up problematic and controversial topics, such as the penetration of fascism into the rural community in the play No beautiful land , or the relationship between Germans and Austrians using the example of tourism in Tyrol in the satire Die Piefke Saga . It was broadcast by ORF as a multi-part television series and was highly controversial when it appeared in 1991. Above all, the works The Piefke Saga and Sold Home (also broadcast by ORF) helped Felix Mitterer to achieve his big breakthrough in the late 1980s. His protagonists are often socially isolated outsiders, as in No Place for Idiots or The Wild Woman .

Based on the story of Pius Walder , he wrote scripts for several Tatort episodes set in Austria .

For the first time since 1983, Felix Mitterer was back on stage as an actor in 2012. At the Tyrolean folk theater in Telfs, he played the monkey Rotpeter in the dramatization of the story A report for an academy by Franz Kafka .

Many of Mitterer's works, such as the play No Place for Idiots, Visiting Time and Siberia (premiered in 1989, Tyrolean Volksschauspiele Telfs / ORF recording and filming), premiered in 1977 at the Volksbühne Blaas in Innsbruck, are performed again and again.

In 2020 he published the novel None of You about Angelo Soliman .




Children's books

  • 1977: Super hen Hanna (novel)
  • 2004: Super hen Hanna doesn't give up
  • 2005: The hunt for the high C (together with Anna Mitterer )
  • 2007: Super Chick Hanna (picture book)
  • 2011: Superhenne Hanna (audio book)




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