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Development City ( Hebrew עיירת פיתוח, Ayarat Pituach ) is in Israel a term for cities that in the first years after the Israeli state was founded were deliberately built in 1948 and promoted. They were primarily intended for immigrant Jews from Arab and Islamic countries and were intended to distribute the population more evenly over the new state. Some of these cities were founded on the site of former Palestinian settlements, others were newly founded.

A total of 32 cities received the status of development cities with special funding programs. The main problem with many of these settlements was that they lacked the essential foundations of an urban settlement. Above all, there were significant deficits

  • in the social area (there was no increased population structure),
  • in terms of infrastructure and
  • in terms of the economic base of the places (jobs in particular were lacking).

Many of these cities stagnated and never - as planned - became major centers.

In 1984 the Association of Development Cities (together with Nachal ) was awarded the Israel Prize "for a special contribution to society and the state".

Israeli developing cities (selection)

Individual evidence

  1. List of award winners (Hebrew)


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