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Ivo Daneu (2013)

Ivo Daneu (born October 6, 1937 in Maribor , Yugoslavia ) is a former Yugoslav basketball player who was World Champion in 1970 and second in the Olympic Games in 1968.

Athletic career

The 1.83 m tall Ivo Daneu began his career at Branik Maribor . From 1956 to 1970 he played at KK Union Olimpija in Ljubljana, 1970/1971 he was coach at Olimpija. With Olimpija he was Yugoslav champion in 1957, 1959, 1961, 1962, 1966 and 1970.

Daneu played from 1956 to 1970 in 209 games of the Yugoslav national team . At the European Championships in 1957 , the Yugoslavs finished sixth, in 1959 they were ninth. At the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960 , the Yugoslavs took sixth place. Daneu played 8 games and scored 79 points.

At the European Championships in Belgrade in 1961, the Yugoslavs were defeated in the final of the team from the Soviet Union with 53:60, but won a medal at the European Championships for the first time. Daneu threw 112 points in nine games, 18 of them in the final. At the World Cup held in Brazil in May 1963, there was a final round with seven teams. Yugoslavia clearly defeated the Brazilians 71:90, but defeated the teams from the United States and the Soviet Union by two points each. Yugoslavia thus won the silver medal. Daneu contributed 107 points in nine games. In October 1963, the 1963 European Championship was held in Wroclaw . Yugoslavia lost to the Polish hosts in the semi-finals , but defeated the Hungarians in the battle for bronze . Daneu scored 125 points in nine games. In 1964 the Olympic basketball tournament took place in Tokyo . The Yugoslavs took third place in their preliminary group behind the USA and Brazil and ultimately reached seventh place. Daneu threw 109 points in nine games.

At the European Championships in 1965 in the Soviet Union, the host's team won the final with 58:49 over the Yugoslavs. Daneu scored 107 baskets in nine games, eight of them in the final. In 1967 at the World Cup in Uruguay there was again a final round with seven teams. The team from the Soviet Union won the tournament, making it the first world championship team from Europe. Behind them, three teams, Yugoslavia, Brazil and the United States, achieved four wins in the final round. The Yugoslavs lost to the Soviet Union and Uruguay , but defeated Brazil and the United States. Because of the direct comparison, the Yugoslavs received the silver medal. Daneu scored 126 points in nine games. He was named Most Valuable Player of the World Championship tournament and was named Sportsman of the Year in Yugoslavia at the end of 1967 .

Ivo Daneu (1968)

At the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, the Yugoslavs finished second in the preliminary round behind the team from the United States. After a semi-final victory over the Soviet Union, the Yugoslavs lost the final against the US team. Daneu threw 99 points in seven games, 16 of them in the final. The following year, the Yugoslavs reached the final of the European Championship in Italy in 1969 and lost 72:81 to the Soviet Union. Daneu scored 49 points in six games, ten of them in the final. At the end of his career Ivo Daneu took part in the World Cup in Yugoslavia in 1970 . The final round with seven teams took place in Ljubljana. Yugoslavia won five out of six games and was only defeated by the Soviet Union in the last game, at which point the Yugoslavs were already established as world champions. Daneu was only used in four games and scored eight points.

In 2007 Ivo Daneu was inducted into the FIBA Hall of Fame .

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