National basketball team of the USSR

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The national basketball team of the USSR represented the USSR in international competitions and friendly matches between 1947 and 1990 . With 14 titles at European championships, the team is still the most successful team in Europe.

The Soviet team was also one of the favorites at tournaments around the world. The team was able to become world champions three times and Olympic champions twice.

Eurobasket (European Championships)

World championships

Olympic games

Successor teams to the Soviet Union

Under the name Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), a team competed at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona and took fourth place. However, this place is counted separately and not counted towards the USSR.

After that, basketball associations of their own were founded in most of the former Soviet republics, which participated in European, world championships and Olympic Games with varying degrees of success. The most successful successor teams are:

  • Russia : European Champion 2007, European Championship silver 1993, European Championship bronze 1997, 2011; World Cup silver 1994, 1998; Olympic bronze 2012
  • Lithuania : European Champion 2003, European Championship silver 1995, European Championship bronze 2007; Olympic bronze in 1996, 2000


The Italian sports newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport voted the Soviet national team in 1979 " World Team of the Year ".

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