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Jörg Baetge (born August 16, 1937 in Erfurt ) is a German economist.

Since 2002 he has headed a research team at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster and is honorary professor at the University of Vienna . Before that he was full professor for business administration at the universities of Frankfurt am Main (1972), Vienna (1977) and Münster, from 1980 until his retirement in 2002 as director of the Institute for Auditing. He declined two more calls. He studied in Frankfurt am Main, Philadelphia and Münster. Ulrich Leffson then earned him a doctorate from Ulrich Leffson at the Westphalian Wilhelms University with his dissertation "Possibilities for objectifying annual success" rer. pole. PhD. Four years later, he completed his habilitation with the thesis “Business Systems Theory. Theoretical planning and monitoring models for production, storage and sales ". From the beginning of the 1970s on, as a member of the Society for Economic and Social Cybernetics (GWS) , he dealt with economic cybernetics from a business point of view . Baetge is chairman of the board of the Münster discussion group for accounting and auditing, member of two working groups of the Schmalenbach Gesellschaft für Betriebswirtschaft (AKEU and AKEIÜ), of two working groups of the German Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management (DVFA), of a working group of the German Accounting Standards Committee (DRSC) as well as in two committees of the Verein für Socialpolitik (for “company theory” and “corporate accounting”).

The competition "The best annual report", which has been held annually since 1982 under the scientific direction of Baetge in cooperation with Manager Magazin , selects companies from the DAX, MDAX, SDAX, TecDAX and STOXX 50 as well as newcomers to the stock exchange who have presented the best annual reports in terms of content, design and language have with the "Rufer".

He received an honorary doctorate from the EBS University of Economics and Law in Oestrich-Winkel, he is a member of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences and Arts , he received the Dr. Kausch Prize and, in 2000, the Plaut Foundation Science Prize. In 2010 he was made an honorary member of the Institute of Auditors in Germany .

He has published around 500 articles mainly on accounting , balance sheet rating and company valuation . His books Balance Sheets, Balance Sheet Analysis and Group Balance Sheets are standard works at many German universities. His students are renowned professors and practitioners: Hans-Jürgen Kirsch , Wienand Schruff , Stefan Thiele, Ludwig Mochty, Henning Zülch , Wolfgang Ballwieser and others. a.

social commitment

As a member of the Weitblick initiative, Jörg Baetge is committed to fairer access to education worldwide.

Publications (selection)

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