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Jessie George Schatz , nickname Bubi , (born August 12, 1954 in Offenbach , † August 9, 1996 in Escambia County , Florida , USA ) was a German-American staff sergeant in the US military liaison mission Neu Fahrland ( Potsdam ).

Schatz was the driver of Major Arthur Nicholson on the fateful reconnaissance tour on March 24, 1985 in the GDR area to Techentin near Ludwigslust , Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania , during which Nicholson was shot by a Soviet guard. Ssgt. With more than 150 reconnaissance trips in the GDR, Schatz was one of the most experienced members of the US Military Liaison Mission (USMLM). After Nicholson's death, Schatz had to testify as a witness before a total of six US investigative committees. Charles J. Fiala, Chief of Staff of the 7th US Army (USAREUR), described Schatz as the "most famous sergeant in the US Army " .

The GDR Ministry for State Security monitored Schatz every step of the way for ten years, placed several unofficial employees in his vicinity, had private documents stolen, read his letters, monitored the private telephone connection and terrorized him and his family. In 1979 and 1986, two attempts by the Soviet secret service KGB to recruit Schatz as an agent failed .

Schatz was married and had two children. His grave is in Memory Park Cemetery in Milton, Santa Rosa County, Florida .

Military career

  • 1972: Joined the US Army
  • 1979–1982: Driver with the USMLM Neu Fahrland (Detachment A / 10th Special Forces Group of the US Army / US Berlin Brigade)
  • 1982–1984: Fort Still / Oklahoma City
  • 1984–1989: Driver at USMLM Neu Fahrland, from 1986 economic manager at Potsdam House
  • 1989/90: Volksfest Branch Public Affairs Office USCOB ( German-American Volksfest )


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