South Korean national ice hockey team

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Korea SouthSouth Korea South Korea

Association Korea Ice Hockey Association
IIHF member since July 25, 1960
Trainer Jim Paek
Most games Kim Ki-sung
Most of the points Kim Ki-sung
First international match Spain 7-1 South Korea Barcelona , Spain ; March 16, 1979
SpainSpain Korea SouthSouth Korea
Biggest win South Korea 44-0 Hong Kong Perth , Australia ; March 14, 1987
Korea SouthSouth Korea Hong KongHong Kong
Biggest defeat Latvia 27: 0 South Korea Bled , Slovenia ; March 18, 1993
LatviaLatvia Korea SouthSouth Korea
Olympic games
Participation 2018
Best result: 12th place (2018)
World Championship
Participation since 1979
best result 16th place (2018)
(As of October 28, 2019)

The South Korean men's national ice hockey team is ranked 17th in the IIHF world rankings after the 2019 World Cup . The team played in the top division for the first time at the 2018 World Championships and took part as host at the 2018 Winter Olympics. The national team is organized by the South Korean Ice Hockey Association .

Even at the first planned World Cup participation in 1978 , the South Korean team caused a passive political uproar, as the host country China refused entry visas to the class enemy . The visa dispute led to intense diplomatic tensions between the two countries. As a result, the C-World Cup host China was withdrawn and, as in the previous year, assigned to Spain, which agreed to host it at short notice. In 1979 , the South Korean World Cup premiered a year later. At the C World Championship in Barcelona , the team finished seventh and penultimate place. In 1990 , a South Korean women's national team started at a World Cup for the first time.

At the 2010 World Cup , with a 5-2 win in the final game against the Croatian national ice hockey team, the team took fifth place in Group B of Division I, which was held in Ljubljana , and was thus able to avoid a direct relegation to third division for the first time. In the course of the World Cup structural reforms in the 2012 season, South Korea was initially classified in the third-class Division I, Group B. The selection made it to Division I, Group A, which is now the second division in international ice hockey. There she achieved relegation at the 2013 World Cup through victories over hosts Hungary and relegated Great Britain . A year later, however, this was no longer successful, so that the team was relegated to third-class Division I, Group B at the 2014 World Cup in their own country.

The women's team took 6th place at the 2008 Women's Division III World Cup and was relegated to Division IV (about 6th division). With a view to the 2018 Winter Olympics, which will take place in South Korea, extensive investments have been and will be made in ice hockey. For the men, consideration was given to the national team's participation in the Mestis, the Finnish second division. However, this project has not yet come to fruition, especially since the playing strength of the Asia League, in whose teams the majority of the South Korean national players are active, is quite comparable to the Mestis. As a result of these investments, South Korea has improved by eight places in the IIHF world rankings within three years (2010: 33rd place, 2013: 25th place). The women are also on the upswing and in the course of the 2013 World Cup have now qualified for the fourth-class Division II, Group A, where they will compete in 2014.

In addition, the South Korean U20 national team holds the record of the highest ice hockey victory of all time. At the Asia-Oceania Junior Championships in 1998, the South Korean team defeated Thailand 92-0.


Olympic games

Olympic Games qualification
  • until 1994: did not participate
  • 1998 : Regional pre-qualification Asia: 3rd place
  • 2002–10: did not participate
  • 2014 : First qualifying round, Group J: 2nd place

World championships

  • until 1978: no participation
  • 1979 : 7th C World Cup
  • 1981: no participation
  • 1982 : 8th C-WM
  • 1983–85: no participation
  • 1986 : 9th C World Cup
  • 1987 : 2nd D-WM
  • 1989 : 7th C World Cup
  • 1990 : 9th C-WM
  • 1991 : 8th C-WM
  • 1992 : 6th C1 World Championship
  • 1993 : 9th C-WM
  • 1994 : 3rd C2 World Championship
  • 1995 : 4th C2 World Championship
  • 1996 : 5th D-WM
  • 1997 : 2nd D-WM
  • 1998 : 7th C-WM
  • 1999 : 6th C-WM
  • 2000 : 5th C-WM
  • 2001 : 1st Div. II, Gr. A.
  • 2002 : 6th Div. I, Gr. A.
  • 2003 : 1st Div. II, Gr. A.
  • 2004 : 6th Div. I, Gr. B.
  • 2005 : 3rd Div. II, Gr. A.
  • 2006 : 2nd Div. II, Gr. B.
  • 2007 : 1st Div. II, Gr. B.
  • 2008 : 6th Div. I, Gr. A.
  • 2009 : 1st Div. II, Gr. B.
  • 2010 : 5th Div. I, Gr. B.
  • 2011 : 3rd Div. I, Gr. A.
  • 2012 : 1st Division IB
  • 2013 : 5th Division IA
  • 2014 : 6th Division IA
  • 2015 : 1st Division IB
  • 2016 : 5th Division IA
  • 2017 : 2nd Division IA
  • 2018 : 16.
  • 2019 : 3rd Division IA

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