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Johann Gabriel Domeier (born April 25, 1717 in Barten , Mohrungen district ; † January 24, 1790 in Hanover ) was a German historian , administrative officer and mayor of Moringen .


Domeier was the son of the Moring preacher Johann Friedrich Domeier, previously a Prussian field preacher in Barten in East Prussia , and his wife Barbara Dorothea, née. Swan shoe. His grandfathers were Johann Domeier, Mayor of Hardegsen , and Gabriel Schwäneschuh, Mayor of Bartenstein .

After he had previously been taught by his father, he attended the pedagogy in Göttingen from 1733 , then he went to the University of Jena and returned to Göttingen in 1736, where he attended the newly founded university .

After completing his training, he became an auditor in Moringen in 1738 , entered the service of the Danish land drover Hans von Ahlefeldt in Oldenburg in 1741 and was then Ahlefeld 's court inspector in Holstein . In 1748 he was elected mayor of Moringen and in 1763 he was elected landscape deputy of the small towns of the Principality of Göttingen . He also held court positions in Lutterbeck , Schnedinghausen and Berwartshausen and was fiefdom administrator of the von Groteschen and Münchhausen estates in Moringen.

He died of a stroke at the age of 72 . On January 30, 1790, he was buried in the garden cemetery in Hanover. Seven of the ten children he had in his marriage to Sophia Schäfer (1733–1789) in 1751 survived. These include Boerries Ludewig Domeier (1758-1819), who, after having been tutor of the court pages in Hanover, was transferred to Hardegsen as a pastor because he had dealt too much with the affair of the Princess of Ahlden , and Wilhelm Friedrich Domeier (1763–1815), doctor of the English Prince Edward Augustus and second husband of the writer Lucie Domeier .



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  1. Moringen is often mentioned as the place of birth, but Domeier's father did not become a pastor in Moringen until 1720. Probably a mix-up with Mohrungen , the district town of Barten.