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Johannes Andreae , also Johannes Andreä , (born March 12, 1554 in Tübingen ; † August 9, 1601 in Königsbronn ) was a Lutheran pastor and theologian, later abbot of the Königsbronn monastery .


Johannes was born as the fourth son of the Chancellor of the University of Tübingen , Jakob Andreae , and his wife Anna nee Entringer. He enrolled at the University of Tübingen in 1567 and obtained his master's degree there in 1572. He took up his first pastor's position in Hagelloch in 1576 . He received his next pastoral position in Mössingen in 1578, in 1582 he became dean and superintendent in Herrenberg , in 1591 he was prelate and abbot of the Königsbronn monastery.

There he married Maria Moser from Herrenberg on May 18, 1576 , the daughter of the town clerk and bailiff Valentin Moser von Filseck. From this marriage there were eight children:

  1. Jakob Andreae (1577–1630), deacon in Herrenberg, pastor in Gebersheim , Rötenberg and Birkenfeld , married to Margaretha Hofmann (* 1590), daughter of Daniel Hoffmann, mayor and custodian in Beutelsbach , 1594 in the Stuttgart prison, and Rosina Sachs from Esslingen. Jakob Andreae is said to have spent his life experimenting with alchemy and was murdered “ at night by the hand of a robber or by ghosts ”, perhaps by the lover of his unfaithful wife
  2. Anna Andreae (1580–1635), married since 1606 to Sixt Brauch († 1620), Untervogt and Kastner in Heidenheim , son of Arnold Brauch from Heubach
  3. Ludwig Andreae (* / † 1582), died soon after birth
  4. Margaretha Andreae (1584–1637), married since 1605 to Mag. Johann Balthasar Plieninger (around 1578–1635) from Kirchenkirnberg , enrolled in Tübingen in 1595, master's degree in 1598, tutor in 1601, deacon in Cannstatt in 1605 and pastor in Pfaffenhoven from 1609 to 1635 , son by Pastor Conrad Plieninger from Weiler zum Stein
  5. Johann Valentin Andreae (1586–1654), theologian and mathematician, married to Agnes Elisabeth Grüninger (1592–1659) from Schützingen , daughter of pastor Mag. Josua Grüninger (1554–1633) and Barbara von Effern (1565–1635),
  6. Johannes Andreae (1586–1620), pastor in Hochdorf and Beilstein , married since 1610 to Barbara Grüninger (* 1588) from Hausen an der Zaber , also daughter of Mag. Josua Grüninger and Barbara von Effern,
  7. Johann Ludwig Andreae (1590–1610), died unmarried in Strasbourg as field preacher of Bleickart (Pleikard) von Helmstatt († 1636) in the "Molsheim War" ( Jülich-Klevischer succession dispute )
  8. Regina Andreae (1592–1635), married I. to the doctor and alchemist Dr. med. Sebastian Hesch (1582–1622) in Aalen , son of Zacharias Hösch († 1594), Vogt in Sulz, and Katharina Moser (1545–1610); married II. since 1624 with Dr. med. Balthasar Simonius (1591–1635) from Schmalkalden , doctor in Speyer , Aalen and Heidenheim, 1628 professor of medicine in Tübingen, son of Jacob Simonius and Maria Steitz.

Johannes Andreae was a Württemberg councilor, poet and devoted to alchemy , which meant that he neglected family and church office.

His funeral sermon, given by Johannes Magirus (1537–1614), was printed in Tübingen in 1602. An epitaph for Johannes Andreae is in the church of Königsbronn.



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