Johannes Micraelius

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Johannes Micraelius

Johannes Micraelius , actually: Johannes Lütkeschwager (born September 1, 1597 in Köslin in Pomerania ; † December 3, 1658 in Stettin ) was a German poet , theologian , philosopher and historian .


Johann Micraelius was the son of Joachim Lütkeschwager or Micraelius, who came from Jamund , and was archdeacon in Köslin († 1619). He attended the school in his hometown and then came to the pedagogy in Szczecin . In 1617 he began studying at Königsberg University . At the University of Greifswald he was appointed professor in the subject of rhetoric in 1624 .

In 1639 he was rector of the council school in Szczecin. The Szczecin printer and bookseller Georg Rhete prints and publishes the six-volume work by Johann Micrälius Altes Pommerland (Six Books from Old Pomerania) in 1640 .

In 1641 he took the position of rector at the princely pedagogy in Stettin. In the same year he was appointed professor of theology and philosophy .

In 1649 he received his doctorate in theology at the University of Greifswald. For Prokanzler he rose to the 1656th Then he wrote some dramatic plays and comedies based on themes from the ancient world . He received special attention through his historical and theological works. In his philosophical lexicon of 1652 he mentioned the concept of ontology as "ontologia" in Greek script.

The sister Esther (1600–1665) of Johannes Micraelius was married to Jakob Fabricius .


Lexicon philosophicum terminorum philosophis usitatorum, form 2
  • Syntagma historiarum ecclesiae , 1630
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  • Six books from old Pomerania , 1639 to 1640
    • 1. Book: Johannis Micraelii First Book of the Old Pommer Country
    • 2. Book: Johannis Micraelii Ander Buch Deß Alten Wendischen Pommerlandes
    • 3. Book: Johannis Micraelii Third Book of the Old Saxon Pommerland
    • 4th book: Johannis Micraelii first part of the last Pomeranian year stories ... And thus the fourth book from PommerLande
    • 5. Book: Johannis Micraelii Fifth Book of The Pomeranian Year Stories
    • 6. Book: Johannis Micraelii Sixth and Last Book / From the Pommerlandes opportunity and inhabitants
  • Oratio inauguralis de animorum morbis et medicina , 1642
  • Ethnopronius tribus dialogorum libris , 1647
  • Aphorismi de regia politici scientia , 1647
  • De methodo in disciplinis , 1648
  • De inaudita philosophia Joannis Baptistae Helmontii , 1649
  • Cosmologia , 1650
  • Psychologia , 1650
  • Tabellae historicae , 1652 ( scan )
  • De mutationibus rerum publicarum earumque causis, praesagiis er curatione , 1652
  • Lexicon philosophicum terminorum philosophis usitatorum , 1653 ( scan of the Stettin 1661 edition)


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  2. Joachim Lütkeschwager gave himself - according to the custom at the time - a Latin name (Micraelius)