Johannes Vultejus

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Johannes Vultejus, engraving by Cornelis Galle after Anselm van Hulle (1649, 1717)

Johannes Vultejus (born January 6, 1605 in Marburg , † August 16, 1684 in Kassel ) was the Hessian Chancellor . He was a member of the Vultejus family (also Vultée), a noble family from Hesse .


Johannes Vultejus was born as the youngest son (twelve other siblings) of Professor Hermann Vultejus and Eulalia Adelheid Happel , daughter of the mayor of Marburg Wiegand Happel . In 1618 he enrolled to study law at the Philipps University of Marburg , which he continued from 1622 to 1624 in Leiden . He then went on study trips through England - attending lectures in Oxford a . Cambridge -, France and Switzerland until he returned to Marburg in 1630. Here he disputed under Helfrich Ulrich Hunnius . This was followed by a brief activity at the Imperial Court of Justice in Speyer until he entered the service of the Swedish Privy Council President. The death of the Swedish King Gustav Adolf in 1632 prevented his final transfer to Swedish service. In July 1633, Landgrave Wilhelm V of Hesse appointed him to the Privy Council of War in Kassel, took part as Hessian plenipotentiary in the Reichstag in Regensburg in 1641 and was finally appointed to the guardianship council for his underage son by the will of Wilhelm V on his death .

In 1648 he was the Hessian envoy to the peace negotiations in Münster and Osnabrück .

After the peace agreement, Vultejus actually wanted to retire from the court, but Landgravine Amalie Elisabeth, regent for Wilhelm VI, who was still underage, did not accept his resignation, but appointed him Chancellor of the Hessian government. At first he refused this appointment several times, but after repeated insistence by the Landgrave, he finally accepted this office in 1651, which he held until his death.

Vultejus became bedridden after a stroke and died in Kassel.


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