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X. Congress for upbringing and education in Göttingen

The Congress for Education (also GöKEB) is a scientific conference that takes place annually in Göttingen . The congress combines experiences from pedagogical practice with current developments in relevant scientific areas, in particular pedagogy and neurosciences .

The Göttingen upbringing and educational congresses are aimed at teachers, educators, social pedagogues, paediatricians, child and youth psychiatrists, therapists, parents and an interested public.

The more recent results from various research areas are presented in a practice-oriented manner in the sense of an interdisciplinary work.

Congress for Education

The series of congresses was founded in 2000 by the neuroscientist Gerald Hüther and the school director and educationalist Karl Gebauer , with the aim of increasing the exchange between science and practice and to look for solutions to difficulties in education together with the participants. The first congress for upbringing and education thus coincided with the first PISA study , which sparked a broad social debate about the education system.

The series of events deals with different forms of teaching and learning, from home education to daycare centers and adult education . In view of the intensive discussion of new findings in brain research on the subject of early childhood education , this area plays a special role. Scientific lectures, panel discussions and workshops are accompanied by a cultural framework program in which young people are often involved. The congress for upbringing and education is problem-solving. Often best practice concepts of successful educational projects and institutions are discussed.

Main topics of past congresses

  • 2000 - In the vicious circle of self-centeredness - children without development opportunities?
  • 2001 - Children in search of orientation - perspectives for a successful childhood
  • 2002 - Art and Education - Education as Art
  • 2003 - Mastering crises - Psychosocial competence as a goal of upbringing and education
  • 2004 - Models for the future - How educational institutions can be transformed into learning workshops
  • 2005 - Everybody matters - About the success of innovations
  • 2006 - Children Are Different - How the sense of belonging can grow
  • 2007 - Children are different - How the sense of belonging can grow
  • 2008 - The best for our children - education and happiness
  • 2009 - Appreciation creates education
  • 2010 - attention - mindfulness - recognition
  • 2011 - Self-worth and personality - key points of development
  • 2012 - Dialogue and Empathy - How do we want to live?
  • 2013 - Solidarity and self-care - Orientation in confusing times
  • 2014 - Respect human dignity - Ways to inclusion in KiTa, school and society
  • 2015 - Spaces for development - Spaces for development - Inner strength through movement, art & music
  • 2016 - trust, openness & courage - building blocks for a good coexistence

Speakers from past congresses

In addition to Gerald Hüther and Karl Gebauer, internationally renowned as well as locally active scientists and educational practitioners were among the input providers for the series of congresses. Among them:

Publications on the Congress of Education

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  • Karl Gebauer, Gerald Hüther (Ed.): Children seek orientation: Answers for a meaningful upbringing. Walter, Düsseldorf / Zurich 2002, ISBN 3-530-40136-6 .
  • Karl Gebauer, Gerald Hüther (ed.): Children need scope: Perspectives for a creative education Walter, Düsseldorf 2003, ISBN 3-530-40153-6 .
  • Karl Gebauer, Gerald Hüther (ed.): Children need trust. Successful learning through strong relationships. Walter, Düsseldorf / Zurich 2004, ISBN 3-530-40163-3 .
  • Karl Gebauer (Ed.): Learning differently: Models for the future. Walter, Düsseldorf 2005, ISBN 3-530-40181-1
  • Karl Gebauer (Ed.): Learning needs trust: perspectives for an innovative school. Walter, Düsseldorf, 2006, ISBN 978-3-530-42211-5 .

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