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Various kitchen "hand tools" (from the 1970s)
Modern hand mixer, as a mechanical kitchen appliance with hand crank operation
Various electrically powered kitchen appliances (from the 20th century)

A kitchen appliance (also kitchen utensil or kitchen tool , coll. Also kitchen helper ) is a simple hand tool specializing in kitchen work or a mechanical or electrical tool. In contrast to the tools used in many other areas, the hygienic preparation of the food plays an important role, which is why stainless steel is often used as a material for the production of these tools . The task of the devices is, among other things, to enable cooking and baking processes, to accelerate, simplify or improve food preparation and to preserve it by cooling or freezing.

The first mechanical kitchen appliances existed before electricity was discovered . They were mainly operated with a hand crank (e.g. mixer or meat grinder ). Most kitchen appliances today are electrically powered. In the professional field, however, hand-operated devices also have a permanent place, as they are easier to clean and often more robust.

In the past, all kitchen appliances, the mechanics of which corresponded approximately to a machine , were referred to as "kitchen machines". Devices with several functions, including the forerunners of today's kitchen machines , became "universal kitchen machines ". In contrast, today's term kitchen machine is very narrow and only describes a certain type of device.

Typical tasks of kitchen appliances

Examples of kitchen appliances

Containers, pots, pans, jugs

Simple hand tools (without mechanics)

Mechanical kitchen appliances

Historic kitchen appliances

Early cooking machine (around 1820) at Chenonceau Castle

Electrical kitchen appliances

Small electrical appliances:

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