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Building of the regional court in Essen- Rüttenscheid (2011)

The Essen Regional Court is a regional court in Essen that has around 300 employees and is responsible for a regional court district with almost 1.4 million inhabitants.

Judicial district

The Essen Regional Court is located in the district of the Hamm Higher Regional Court .

The Essen Regional Court is responsible for the nine district courts of Bottrop , Dorsten , Essen , Essen-Borbeck , Essen-Steele , Gelsenkirchen , Gladbeck , Hattingen and Marl , as well as the six probation officers Essen I, Essen II, Essen III, Gelsenkirchen, Gladbeck, Marl.

Historically, until the establishment of the Bochum Regional Court in 1892, the Bochum District Court and the Wattenscheid District Court also belonged to the Essen District Court, which then became part of the newly established Bochum District Court. Until its abolition, the Essen-Werden District Court, which was dissolved in 1976, and the Gelsenkirchen-Buer District Court , which was dissolved at the turn of the year 2015/2016, belonged to the Essen District Court . The same applies to the Haltern District Court, which was dissolved in 1979, but which was only located in the Essen District Court for the last five years of its existence, as it had belonged to the Münster District Court until 1974 .


First regional court on III. Hagen, built in 1883

The Essen District Court was created in 1879. Some neighboring cities had previously applied for its seat to no avail. The city of Essen provided the property worth 180,000 marks at its own expense  and had to guarantee the stability of the courthouse, as mountain damage occurred more and more frequently in Essen . With these concessions, Essen won the competition for the seat of the court. Until the new building was finished, they made do with the building of the former government chancellery on Burgplatz .

First regional court on III. Hagen 1883

The first district court building was built between December 1881 and 1883 in the city ​​center on Street III. Hagen 39/41, at the corner of Logenstrasse, opposite the Salzmarkt. To ensure stability, the courthouse was divided into five individual buildings, each with an anchor system, but still connected to one another. District building inspector Niedieck was in charge of the overall construction project, while engineer Gustav Diechmann was responsible for safety measures. The courthouse was used as such until 1913, with the prison behind it.

New building in Rüttenscheid in 1913

District Court Building (between 1913 and 1945)

Between 1908 and 1913 the construction of the new building at Zweigertstrasse 52 took place under the supervision of the government master builder Georg Güldenpfennig . The preliminary design drawn up in 1908 was created under the direction of Paul Thoemer in the Prussian Ministry of Public Works . The 140-meter-long, neo-baroque building cost around four million marks and was handed over to its destination on April 4, 1913. Since the construction goes back to the initiative of the Chief Justice Council and President of the Essen Regional Court, Franz Christoph Büscher , the Weyerstrasse opposite was renamed Büscherstrasse in his honor on the same day. The east wing, which was rebuilt after the war, has been a listed building since 2005 .

Reconstruction after the war, today's situation

Rebuilt, listed east wing

After being destroyed in World War II , the court was reopened as a temporary measure on November 28, 1945 by the British military government . Between 1950 and 1956, the building was rebuilt on the old floor plan according to plans by the Essen architect Alfred Pegels at a cost of over five million  DM . Only the west wing was expanded, so that 60 new rooms were created. In the mid-1970s, another extension was built for a canteen, library and 22 additional rooms, which was replaced by a new building with meeting rooms in 2016.

In the area of ​​the main entrance, after the murder of the judge Michael Teuber, a security gate was installed in 1998 , which gave the porch on the long side of the building its current appearance. Teuber had been shot in his office by a visitor whom he had previously sentenced to a small fine. A glass plaque in the entrance area of ​​the court with a bouquet of flowers that is renewed every day reminds of him.

Also in the entrance area of ​​the building is a permanent exhibition on "Justice under National Socialism", which recalls the fate of Jewish judges and lawyers who worked at the Essen District and Regional Court and who were dismissed, deported and murdered after 1933, and documents arbitrary acts carried out by employees and judges of the Court were committed in the years up to 1945.

Gudrun Jockels has been President of the Essen Regional Court since March 2018.

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