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The Bielefeld Regional Court is a court of ordinary jurisdiction and one of ten regional courts in the district of the Hamm Higher Regional Court . It is located on the edge of the historic old town in the Bielefeld-Mitte district .

Seat and District of the Court

The seat of the court is Bielefeld in North Rhine-Westphalia .

The judicial district includes the city of Bielefeld and the districts of Gütersloh , Herford and Minden-Lübbecke and thus the northern part of East Westphalia . The southern districts of East Westphalia are in the district of the Paderborn Regional Court . The area of the Lippe district , which, like the two aforementioned, belongs to the Detmold administrative district, is covered by the Detmold district court .


The court - together with the public prosecutor's office, the district court and the labor court - is housed in the Niederwall 71 building. The building complex can also be entered via the entrances on Rohrteichstrasse (public prosecutor's office) or Richtstrasse (district court). Since 2015, the new building has been completely wrapped in a net, as the facade is dilapidated. The net is intended to prevent damage from falling parts of the facade.

Superordinate and subordinate courts

The Bielefeld Regional Court is assigned to the Hamm Higher Regional Court . The district courts of Bielefeld , Bünde , Gütersloh , Halle (Westf.) , Herford , Lübbecke , Minden , Bad Oeynhausen , Rahden and Rheda-Wiedenbrück are subordinate .


By a law that came into force on March 4, 1878, Bielefeld was designated the seat of the regional court and was thus given preference over the competitors Herford and Minden. In addition to the local courts in the regional court district that still exist today, the following local courts have been subordinate to the Bielefeld Regional Court since 1879 and were later repealed: Rheda and Rietberg on October 1, 1932 (Rietberg was re-established with effect from October 1, 1933 and repealed on January 1, 1970 ), Vlotho on January 1, 1974 and Petershagen on July 1, 1982.

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