Lassie Singers

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Lassie Singers
General information
origin Berlin , Germany
Genre (s) Indiepop , Hamburger Schule , NDW
founding 1988
resolution 1998
Founding members
Christiane Rösinger "Christiane Hügelsheim"
Almut Klotz "Almut Schummel" († 2013)
Funny van Dannen (until 1988)
former members
Kathrin von Witzleben
Britta Neander († 2004)
Herman Herrmann

The Lassie Singers were an indie pop band from Berlin-Kreuzberg that existed from 1988 to 1998. Musically, the band moved between the Hamburg School and the Neue Deutsche Welle .


The founding members were Christiane Rösinger and Almut Klotz , Heiner Weiss, Katrin Filzner and Funny van Dannen , who was only part of the band for a short time. Herman Herrmann joined as guitarist .

The band name is a reference to the television series Lassie .

At times, the Lassie Singers worked with various greats from German-speaking pop , such as Bernd Begemann , King Rocko Schamoni , Die Government , Eff Jott Krüger ( Ideal ) and Jochen Distelmeyer ( Blumfeld ). In 1996 the album Hotel Hotel was released, which was produced by Thomas Meinecke and recorded by Chris von Rautenkranz .

Her texts often dealt with clichéd gender relations with biting humor, e.g. B. in the couple lie , my future ex-boyfriend or love is often overrated . They achieved their greatest success in 1994 with the single It's such a shame .

In 1998 the group disbanded. Almut Klotz and Christiane Rösinger opened the record label Flittchen Records . Rösinger founded the band Britta and released solo albums under her own name from 2010. Klotz teamed up with Sandra Grether for the band Parole Trixi , with Maximilian Hecker for the band Maxi unter Menschen and with Christian Dabeler for the duo Klotz + Dabeler. She also founded the Popchor Berlin .


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
  AT 24 05/07/1995 (5 weeks)
Studio albums
  • 1991: The Lassie Singers Help You ( Columbia Records ( Sony Music Entertainment ))
  • 1992: Sei À Gogo (Dragnet Records (Sony Music Entertainment))
  • 1994: City, Country, Crime (Dragnet Records)
  • 1996: Hotel Hotel (Dragnet Records)
  • 1998: Best of Lassie Singers - Time to say Tschüss (Flittchen Records)
  • 1998: Rest of Lassie Singers - rare & unreleased, 1988–1998 (Flittchen Records)
  • 1991: My friend broke up with me
  • 1991: Wrong Thoughts
  • 1994: what a shame! (It's such a shame)
  • 1996: love is often overrated, rain

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