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Funny van Dannen in the Wiesbaden slaughterhouse , 2010

Funny van Dannen (actually Franz-Josef Hagmanns-Dajka , born March 10, 1958 in Tüddern , Selfkant municipality [then under Dutch administration]) is a German songwriter , writer and painter of Dutch origin.


Funny van Dannen (2009)

Funny van Dannen is the son of a Dutch woman. His mother tongue is Limburgish . He learned graphic design , but never did this job. As a teenager he gained his first musical experience with songs to the guitar in the South Limburg dialect and as a Heino parodist for the carnival. As a youth soccer player, he was invited to a trial training session by Fortuna Sittard . The move failed because the then second division did not want to pay his old club the transfer fee of 11,000  DM . That's why Funny van Dannen stopped playing football and did not become a professional footballer.

He dropped out of school three months before graduating from high school and moved to Berlin in 1978. There he played with various punk and jazz bands and exhibited his own pictures from 1980 with the intention of becoming a painter. At times he worked in the Steglitz Clinic , now part of the Charité , as an art representative. In 1984 he and his wife ran the discount / department store for art for two years . Since 1987 he has appeared with self-written texts and with German songs for the guitar. In 1988 he co-founded the Lassie Singers alongside Christiane Rösinger and Almut Klotz , but left the band after a few months. In the following years he financed himself by reading his stories in pubs, until his book Spurt ins Glück was published in 1991 by Warnke & Maas in collaboration with Erich Maas . In 2005 his book Neues von Gott, published by Antje Kunstmann , reached number 12 on the Spiegel bestseller list.

His first CD Club Songs was released by Trikont in 1995 and was recorded live at Café Treibeis and the Golden Pudel Club . Rocko Schamoni , operator of the club, established contact with Campino . Van Dannen has been working regularly with the band Die Toten Hosen since 1999 . Since 2007 his albums have been released by JKP . A broad recognition of his achievements as a painter has so far failed.

Van Dannen is married and has four sons.


Van Dannen's lyrics are characterized by chutzpah , irony and satire. There are also various love songs. A common motif for him is the personification of animals and objects. Most of his records are live recordings. Musically, he simply creates his songs with an acoustic guitar and sometimes with the harmonica . Parts of his work can be assigned to the chanson . On the studio albums Herzscheiße and Nebelmaschine he was musically supported by the no-goods band around Peter Pichler. On the album Sahara sand seemed Vincent Sorg with as a producer and musician.

1991 appeared on the debut album of the Lassie Singers his songs Wrong Thoughts and Everyone is in his own world . In 1996 the band covered Das Regenlied .

The interpretations of other musicians were sometimes more successful than his own publications. In 1995, Dackelblut released Take Your Sad Songs on the album Schützen und Promote . In 1996 Udo Lindenberg covered the songs Nana Mouskouri and Gutes do on the album And Eternal Die Linde rustles . The Schröders made the song Saufen known to a wide audience on their album Gilp in 1997 . In 1998 Rantanplan recorded a version of the song Unknown Horse for the album Köpfer .

Since 1999 van Dannen has been involved in various songs on the albums Immortal , Auswärtsspiel , Reich & sexy II , Zurück zum Glück and Nur zu Visiting from Die Toten Hosen , including the chart singles Bayern (DE # 8), Schön sein (DE # 9) and whale steam (DE # 24).

In 2000, Queen Bee interpreted girlfriends and home banking . Japanese combat radio plays covered inhuman underground music for the album Germany from the front in 2005 . In 2005 Doris Metz used the title Als Willy Brandt was Federal Chancellor for her documentary shadow father with Pierre Boom and Matthias Brandt . Wiglaf Droste recorded some of Van Dannen's titles with him, as well as Nana Mouskouri and Unknown Horse together with the money box trio . Franz Wittenbrink used some songs for the theater project Mothers . In 2006 Fitzoblong covered a few songs on the album Im Club der Melancholie . In 2007 van Dannen wrote the songs Dust and Nightingale for the album 20359 by the band Rantanplan.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Smoke machine
  DE 90 04/10/2005 (1 week)
Thanks anyway
  DE 69 08/26/2007 (1 week)
Sahara sand
  DE 72 09/20/2009 (1 week)
  DE 64 March 16, 2012 (1 week)
Great world
  DE 62 10/17/2014 (1 week)
come on (Live at the Lido)
  DE 100 08/05/2016 (1 week)


  • 1995: club songs
  • 1996: Basics
  • 1997: Info3
  • 1998: Uruguay
  • 2000: Melody Star
  • 2002: Groooveman
  • 2003: heart shit
  • 2005: fog machine
  • 2005: News from God (audio book)
  • 2005: Authentic Trip
  • 2007: Back in Paradise (audio book)
  • 2007: Thanks anyway
  • 2009: Sahara sand
  • 2010: My maybe best songs ... (Best-of)
  • 2012: fish soup
  • 2014: Great world
  • 2016: come on (Live at the Lido)
  • 2018: Alles gut, Motherfucker , Edition Tiamat , ISBN 978-3-89320-238-6



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