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Burkardroth market
Coordinates: 50 ° 14 ′ 38 "  N , 9 ° 58 ′ 32"  E
Height : 353 m above sea level NHN
Residents : 541  (December 31, 2018)
Incorporation : January 1, 1972
Postal code : 97705
Area code : 09734
Lauter (Bavaria)
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Location of Lauter in Bavaria

Lauter is a district of the Lower Franconian market Burkardroth in the Bad Kissingen district in Bavaria.

Geographical location

Lauter is located southeast of Burkardroth on the Lauter River .

The B 286 runs northeast of Katzenbach between Bad Kissingen and Bad Brückenau .

The state road St 2290 , the thoroughfare, leads in a north-easterly direction to Burkardroth and crosses the B 286. In a south-westerly direction, the St 2290 leads into the Katzenbach bordering on Lauter , also a district of Burkardroth.


In 1003 the Lauter district passed from the Counts of Schweinfurt to the Diocese of Bamberg . On August 13, 1355, Bishop Leupold von Bamberg handed Lauter and several other villages over to Count Heinrich von Henneberg-Aschach. In the Middle Ages Lauter was owned by various feudal lords; otherwise little is known about the history of the place in this epoch.

Together with Aschach , Lauter came into the possession of the Würzburg monastery in 1391 . From 1588 to 1714 it belonged to the parish of Stralsbach .

Lauter was an independent municipality until 1971. With eight other communities it formed the new community Burkardroth on January 1, 1972. In October 1971 surveys and votes had taken place in the villages incorporated after Burkardroth; of the 77 votes cast in Lauter, 39 were in favor of incorporation. Lauter's last mayor was Erwin Arnold.

In 1972 a land consolidation procedure was started in Lauter; the implementation was completed in 1992. Since August 29, 1992 a memorial stone commemorates the measure.

The Katzenbach / Lauter sewage treatment plant was put into operation in 1978 and the expansion of the local sewer system was completed in the following year. In 1982 the local lighting was renewed.

Buildings, art monuments and facilities

Church of John Beheading

After there was initially only one prayer room in Lauter, it was replaced in 1844 by the Johannes Beheading Church, built in 1974 . The architect was the Würzburg cathedral master builder Hans Skull . During the new building part of the inventory of the old church was destroyed; some sculptures could be saved.

The smiling Madonna

Main article: Smiling Madonna

According to local tradition, fragments of the sculpture of the Smiling Madonna were found on the connecting route between Stralsbach and Frauenroth and in a field. The sculpture was possibly made in the 13th century on behalf of Beatrix von Courtenay , the founder of the Frauenroth monastery and fell victim to the sacking of the monastery during the Thirty Years' War .

Architectural monuments


  • BSC Lauter e. V.
  • Volunteer Fire Brigade Lauter
  • Kindergarten Association "St. Martin"
  • Soldiers and warriors comradeship 1887 Lauter e. V.
  • Musikverein "Edelweiß"
  • Club ring Lauter-Katzenbach



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