Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

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German title Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
Original title Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1990
length Theatrical version: 81 minutes,
Unrated: 85 minutes
Age rating FSK unchecked
Director Jeff Burr
script David J. Schow
production Robert Engelman
music Jim Manzie ,
Patrick Regan
camera James L. Carter
cut Brent Schoenfeld

←  Predecessor
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Successor  →
Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Return

Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III is an American horror film directed by actor , writer , director, and producer Jeff Burr from 1989 . The film is a production by New Line Cinema Productions Inc. distributed by New Line Cinema Releasing and was released in US cinemas on January 12, 1990 and in German cinemas on July 4, 1991. He is the second sequel of the film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre by Tobe Hooper from the year 1974th


Michelle and her ex-boyfriend Ryan are driving from Los Angeles to the east coast of the USA, driving through Texas . When night falls, they pass a cordoned off road, near which the police are in the process of seizing evidence in the form of body parts. A policeman asks her where she is from and where to go. He then asks her not to ask any questions and to continue.

The next morning there is a small accident in which they run over an armadillo , and because it is still alive, Ryan then kills it to prevent it from suffering. When they arrive at a lonely gas station, they make a bizarre acquaintance with the strange gas station attendant and Tex Sawyer, a hitchhiker who wants to go home and asks if he can come along, but Ryan refuses him.

When it gets dark, they are attacked by an approaching truck, which apparently wants to push them off the road but drives by. Suddenly they run into an animal that hits the windshield and forces them to stop. To make matters worse, a tire bursts that you now have to change. When the two are done with it, they are suddenly attacked by Leatherface, who starts to tear apart their car with the chainsaw, but they can escape with the car at the last second.

Suddenly Tex is on the road, which they avoid, which pushes the oncoming jeep off the road in which Benny is sitting, who now overturns with it. Ryan tells Benny that they were attacked by a man with a chainsaw and that they are now in danger. Benny doesn't really believe them at first until they show him the slits they have cut out on their car. Now he believes them and asks them to stay at the car and wait for him because he wants to seek help. He walks to the path where his jeep is. Once there, he meets a man named Tinker Sawyer who drives a truck.

Benny asks him to help him and take him away. Tinker agrees, and Benny is about to get on the back of the truck when he discovers a chainsaw. Benny now tells Tinker that he still has to get something out of his jeep and goes to the vehicle. He is just about to load his rifle when Tinker drives the truck towards the jeep and rams it. Benny jumps aside and falls down a slope. When he comes to, he is suddenly attacked by Leatherface with a chainsaw. Benny defends himself and kicks the chainsaw out of his hands. Leatherface is thrown to the ground and strangled by Benny, but Benny defends himself with a small electric circular saw and cuts Benny in the leg with it. Leatherface uses this moment to get back his chainsaw. As he is lifting it to kill Benny, an unknown young woman calls him from afar. Leatherface reacts and now follows the voice with a rattling chainsaw, but she escapes.

Benny comes to and now runs into the young woman who has returned to the place of the fight. He asks her what's going on and what's going on here. She explains to Benny that these crazy people are watching the street, chasing people, kidnapping them and fleeing them. Meanwhile, Michelle and Ryan are calling for Benny in the woods, which Leatherface also hears. Benny now briefly leaves the girl to look around and look for Michelle and Ryan. Meanwhile, the girl is discovered by Leatherface and brutally killed.

Still looking for Benny, Michelle and Ryan are now also discovered and pursued by Leatherface. Ryan falls into a trap and is attacked by Leatherface. Meanwhile Michelle escapes and now arrives at a lonely farmhouse. She goes in looking for someone when she hears a cry. She goes to the stairs and sees a little girl whom she follows up into a room with bones scattered all over the floor. The girl stabs her in the leg with a sharp object. She now attacks Tex from behind and holds her so that she can no longer defend herself. Then he drags her into the kitchen, drives nails through her hands, nailing her to a chair. Tinker, who is also part of the family, drags Ryan into the house and, with Tex's help, hangs him upside down on hooks that they hit in the legs.

Benny, who is looking for Michelle, meets Alfredo, the gas station attendant at a pool, who is currently sinking body parts. After a short conversation, Benny sinks Alfredo in the pool, in which the latter also drowns.

After a while, Leatherface comes into the house and goes to Michelle, who is still nailed to the chair and defenselessly exposed to the bizarre machinations of the cannibal family with her mouth gagged. Tex walks in and gives Leatherface a brand new chainsaw that says “The Saw is Family”.

Benny later discovers the farmhouse and looks through the window into the kitchen. He watches as Leatherface attacks Michelle with the chainsaw. He shoots the family with his rifle to save Michelle. Thereupon she pulls her hands out of her nails and escapes from the house, where she is stopped by Benny. He tells her to take refuge in the forest. She does this too, but is followed by Leatherface. Meanwhile, Benny has a tough fight with Tex, in which Tex burns alive.

Now Benny has to save Michelle, who is still being followed by Leatherface. Unfortunately, she got caught in a trap and is now being attacked by him again. Benny finds her and can just prevent Leatherface from killing her, lunges at him, and they collapse into the pool there, where they fight a fight in which Benny's head is sawed open by Leatherface.

Ending theatrical version :

Leatherface tries to kill Michelle, but she kills Michelle with a stone. The next morning Michelle meets Benny, who is not dead and who has bought a truck. The two are about to get in and drive when Benny is suddenly knocked down by Alfredo, who is also not dead. Alfredo now attacks Michelle, but she grabs the shotgun in the car and shoots Alfredo down. Michelle now helps Benny get into the truck and drives off with him. Leatherface can be seen running into the picture, starting his chainsaw.

End of the original version :

After Benny's death in the pool, Michelle runs away, right into the arms of the half-charred Tex. She thrusts this into a trap that kills him. Then she kills Leatherface with a stone. The next morning you can see her walking down the street, a police car stops and the little girl laughs at her in the back seat. There is a sign on the car that says: "Don't mess with Texas".


  • The film got very bad reviews. The film cost 2 million dollars and played a little less than 6 million US dollars again.
  • The original film ending was not officially released in any version. In the unrated and the r-rated version you only find the "happy ending". The original end can be found in the bonus material of the UNRATED US Laserdisk and in the “Editor's Cut” (which appeared as a bootleg).
  • Caroline Williams , known from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 , who survived as Stretch , had a small cameo as a reporter in the film.
  • The film was banned in several countries such as Iceland , Finland and until 2004 in Great Britain because of the extreme explicit representation of violence. In the US, the film originally received an X rating (now NC-17 ) from the MPAA , which would have severely restricted its marketing and commercial success in theaters. As a result, the film had to be edited several times to get an R rating .
  • The film Leatherface , released in 2017, deals with the history of Leatherface and has nothing to do with the film of the same name.


  • In 1990 TCM3 was nominated as best film for the International Fantasy Film Award at the Fantasporto Awards.


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