Leatherface (2017)

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German title Leatherface
Original title Leatherface
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2017
length Unabridged: 87 minutes.
Abridged: 82 minutes
Age rating FSK SPIO / JK: no serious risk to young people (Unabridged Version)
FSK 18 (Abridged Version)
Director Julien Maury,
Alexandre Bustillo
script Seth M. Sherwood
production Christa Campbell ,
Lati Grobman ,
Carl Mazzocone ,
Les Weldon
music John Frizzell
camera Antoine Sanier
cut Sébastien de Sainte Croix ,
Josh Ethier

Leatherface is an American horror film by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo from the year 2017 . The film is part of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film series and is a prequel that tells the story of "Leatherface", one of the main characters in the series.


Jedidiah is said to be introduced to the Sawyer family traditions on his birthday. Family head Verna Sawyer demands that he kill a man with a chainsaw. But he shows scruples and so Grandpa Sawyer kills the man instead.

In 1955, the couple Betty Hartman and Ted Hardesty drive across a street and are lured into a trap by Jedidiah. The other brothers kill Betty Hartman in a barn. However, Sheriff Hartman, the girl's father, has no evidence. Instead, he makes sure that Jedidiah is torn away from his family and finds shelter in a psychiatric hospital called Gorman House Youth Reformery. There he is renamed and removed from the influence of his family.

Ten years later, shortly before Jedidiah's 18th birthday, Elizabeth, known as Lizzy, starts her first shift as a nurse. She wins the trust of Bud, a rather clumsy-looking, fat giant, and his friend, the actually quite normal-looking Jackson. Verna also comes to visit on that day and tries to contact her son with a lawyer. But this is denied to her and so she initiates a revolt of the inmates. In the mix, Bud kills director Dr. Long. Lizzy is saved by Jackson, but the two fall into the hands of the sadistic couple Ike and Clarice. The four of them flee with Bud.

On their escape, the five leave a bloodbath in a diner, but Bud is shot while trying to escape. The five are hiding in an old trailer including a corpse. There Lizzy cares for Buds wounds. During the night, Jackson and Lizzy try to escape, but they don't get very far. Then Bud kills Ike. The three flee, but not only Clarice is on their heels. Meanwhile, Sheriff Hartman has also taken up the chase. Without a remorse, he shoots the defenseless Clarice.

On the run, Lizzy tries to run to the police. In the ensuing mix, Bud is shot. Jackson escapes in a police car with Lizzy. Sheriff Hartman eventually hits him in the face and seriously injures him. Another shot hits Lizzy, who loses control of the car.

Hartmann wants to kill both of them in the barn, where his daughter also died. He knows that Jackson is Jedidiah, who then lured his daughter into the trap. But a greased deputy has meanwhile informed Verna, who has him stabbed by her sons and seriously injured, fed to pigs. The family storms the barn and takes Hartman and Lizzy prisoner. Jedidiah is now reunited with his family. Verna sews his face back together. Then she lets him kill Sheriff Hartman with a chainsaw. Lizzy manages to escape, but she steps into a bear trap . She begs Jedidiah to do nothing for her, but when she insults Verna, he beheads her with the chainsaw. Then the corpses are fed to the pigs.

The last scene shows Jedidiah making a mask out of Lizzy's face. When he then sees his face in the mirror, he destroys the mirror.

In an alternate ending, which is included on the DVD and Blu-ray , Lizzy survives an attack by Jedidiah, but loses a leg in the process. Eventually she is overwhelmed by Grandpa. The next morning Jedidiah made a mask out of her face and that of Hartmann. Then he visits Lizzy, who is hanging on a meat hook, conscious, but only with half of her face.


The film was produced by Millennium Films, who were also responsible for Texas Chainsaw 3D . The French duo Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo , who have made a name for themselves for hard horror films with works like Inside and Among the Living , have been hired as directors . Both have also been in discussion as directors for A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween II as well as a continuation of the Hellraiser series . The film was shot mainly in Bulgaria , in the Nu Boyana Film Studios .

The film premiered on August 25, 2017 at the London Frightfest . A day later, Tobe Hooper , the director of the original, died without ever having seen the finished film. The film was also shown at the Sitges Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya . In the United States, the film was released on DVD in October. In Italy, Russia and Portugal, however, it has been shown in cinemas and reached a box office total of 858,006 US dollars

In Germany, the film was released in two versions on December 19, 2017. The FSK-18 version from Eurovideo is cut by around three minutes, while a DVD from Turbine Films is uncensored and received SPIO / JK approval.


Matthias Bogner described the film in his review in the horror magazine X-Rated as an ambiguous matter. Like its predecessor Texas Chainsaw 3D , Leatherface would split the horror community. He himself described the film as brutal and ruthless and comes to the following conclusion:

"Regardless of whether LEATHERFACE is a 'real' TEXAS CHAINSAW for you, you definitely get a relentless road movie that also convinces with very good acting and in some scenes breathes the dirty spirit of the original."

- Matthias Bogner : X-rated

In contrast, Simon Abrams rated the film extremely negatively on Roger Ebert's side and only awarded one star. Above all, the film suffers from its characters, for whom one does not develop any sympathy. In fact, the splatter effects , and thus the various types of killing, are the only things that would give the characters character. The film also suffers from the weak story, which, with a wink, he also calls I Was a Teenage Leatherface .

In Variety, Dennis Harvey discussed the film more benevolently, although he also identified the weaknesses in the script. However, the filmmakers managed to make a slightly different film, which would definitely be something special in the series. He particularly highlighted Lili Taylor's portrayal of the matriarchal mother of the family.

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