Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

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German title Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
Original title The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2006
length 83 (FSK version) minutes
87 (SPIO / JK version) minutes
Age rating FSK 18 (abbreviated)
SPIO / JK : criminally harmless (indexed)
Director Jonathan Liebesman
script Sheldon Turner
production Michael Bay ,
Tobe Hooper ,
Kim Henkel ,
Mike Fleiss ,
Andrew Form ,
Bradley Fuller
music Steve Jablonsky
camera Lukas Ettlin
cut Jonathan Chibnall ,
Jim May

←  Predecessor
Michael Bay's Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Successor  →
Texas Chainsaw 3D

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning is an American horror film from director Jonathan Liebesman from the year 2006 . The film is the prequel to Michael Bay's Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 2003, the remake of Tobe Hooper's 1974 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre .

The plot of the film takes place in 1969, four years before the events of the remake. Four young people fall into the hands of a family of cannibals in rural Texas .


In 1939 a woman gave birth to a boy in a Texas slaughterhouse. The child is put in the dumpster. A little later a woman, Luda Mae Hewitt, discovers the newborn in the dumpster and takes it home with her. The child is given the name Thomas.

Thirty years later, the now grown-up Thomas, known as “Leatherface”, works in the same slaughterhouse in which he was once born. However, this is closed by the health authority. Angry that the boss fires him and calls his family “stupid”, Leatherface kills him. He steals a chainsaw and makes his way home.

Meanwhile, four young people - Eric, his girlfriend Chrissie, his brother Dean and his girlfriend Bailey - are on their way to a barracks, from which the two men are supposed to leave after their basic training for work in Vietnam .

The local Sheriff Hoyt drives to the Hewitt house to look with Charlie Hewitt for his stepbrother Leatherface. Hoyt kills Leatherface on the road, but Charlie shoots Hoyt. Charlie slips into the role of the sheriff, puts on his uniform and steals the police car.

On their journey, the four young people are harassed by a motorcyclist and threatened with a weapon. Because Eric gets a pistol from the glove compartment, he overlooks a cow crossing the street. The car collides with the animal and overturns, Chrissie is thrown out of the vehicle. Charlie arrives at the scene of the accident in sheriff's uniform and shoots the motorcyclist. He then orders Dean, Eric, and Bailey to get into his car and drives them to the Hewitts house. The undiscovered Chrissie remains at the scene of the accident.

While Chrissie is looking for Eric's gun in the accident car, Charlie's uncle Monty Hewitt arrives at the scene of the accident with the tow truck. Chrissie can hide in the car and gets to the Hewitts' house. Meanwhile, Eric and Dean are tormented by Hoyt because Dean burned his draft notice and wanted to refuse military service; in Hoyt's eyes an act of betrayal of his country. Eric is dragged by Leatherface into the basement, where the motorcyclist's remains are, and tied to a slaughterhouse. Dean and Chrissie manage to escape, but Dean steps into a leghold trap . Chrissie flees on alone and meets Holden, the motorcyclist's friend.

Chrissie returns to the Hewitt house with Holden. Holden is killed by Leatherface, Chrissie hides in the basement, where Eric is still tied up. Leatherface kills Eric and cuts off the skin of his victim's face to make a mask out of it. Chrissie is found by Hoyt and tied up like Bailey. After Leatherface saw off the injured legs of his foster uncle Monty, who was shot by Holden, he cuts Bailey's throat. Finally, Chrissie manages to escape. Leatherface also kills Dean with his chainsaw.

Chrissie tries to leave town with a car. Shortly before the city limits, however, Leatherface shows up in the back seat and kills her by driving his chainsaw through the driver's seat and through her body. The driverless car runs over a police officer and the driver of a car stopped at a traffic control. Leatherface gets out of the vehicle and walks back home with his chainsaw. A voice from the off reports that the Hewitt family killed a total of 33 people between 1969 and 1973. It is also reported that Thomas Hewitt has not yet been captured.

Film music

Steve Jablonsky wrote the soundtrack.

  1. Main Title
  2. Birth
  3. Fired
  4. Chainsaw
  5. Officer Hoyt
  6. Biker Chase
  7. Chrissie Alone
  8. Mama's house
  9. Ten push ups
  10. Attempted Rescue
  11. Preparing The Victims
  12. Chrissie Finds Eric
  13. Eric's Death
  14. Face removal
  15. Dinner
  16. Meat Factory
  17. Dean's Deatth
  18. Epilogue



The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning is a co-production by Platinum Dunes , Next Entertainment, Vortex / Henkel / Hooper and Texas Chainsaw Productions. The originally intended title was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Origin ( The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Origin ) . Filming took place in Austin and other locations in the state of Texas, and the budget was an estimated 16 million US dollars . The film opened in US cinemas on October 6, 2006 and in German cinemas on January 18, 2007 . New Line Cinema in the USA and Warner Bros. in Germany acted as distributors . The reviews were almost consistently negative, but the film was commercially successful; Already on the opening weekend in the USA he brought in 18 million US dollars.

US version

For economic reasons, a shortened version of the film with a length of approx. 91 minutes was shown in US cinemas in order to receive an R rating (permitted for young people accompanied by an adult) instead of the NC-17 age rating (absolute youth ban) . The 96-minute long, uncut version was released in the USA as an "Unrated" DVD (unaudited).

German version

Originally the film should only be released on DVD after problems with the voluntary self-regulation of the film industry (FSK). On January 18, 2007, however, a censored KJ version (“Keine Jugendfreigabe”) with a running time of approx. 83 minutes was released in German cinemas, which was shortened by approx. 8 minutes compared to the American theatrical version.

The DVD was released in a 49-second shortened version based on the R-rated version, as the legal commission of the leading organization of the film industry (SPIO / JK) had criminal concerns about the unrated version. Warner Bros. announced that a version based on the unrated version should be released. However, that was not the case. The German DVD of the film, which was released on June 15, 2007 and was classified as "Unrated", was cut by 49 seconds compared to the American R-rated version and by around six minutes on the unrated DVD. This abridged German version was indexed on List B on April 30, 2008 .

In Switzerland one appeared bootleg , which is based on the uncut US version and includes a German soundtrack.


“The history of the remake of 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' is less of a prequel than a 'Remake of the remake' and turns out to be a crude splatter film, marked by extreme sadism and nihilism, which is aesthetically and technically based on the films of the early 1970s . "

“The film is indeed a bitter slaughter with a high blood and gore content, but even peak adrenaline levels cannot hide the fact that the screen has already been slaughtered with more (deep) sense and reason. Motive? Message? Everything is negative. Serial murder has seldom been so dreary. "

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