Texas Chainsaw 3D

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German title Texas Chainsaw 3D - The Legend Is Back
Original title Texas Chainsaw 3D
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2013
length 92 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director John Luessenhop
script Stephen Susco
Adam Marcus
Debra Sullivan
production Carl Mazzocone
music John Frizzell
camera Anastas N. Michos
cut Randy Bricker

Texas Chainsaw 3D - The Legend Is Back is an American slasher film by director John Luessenhop from 2013 and the seventh part of the " Texas Chainsaw Massacre " film series. As the first film in the series, it will be presented in 3D . The regular version is marketed under the title Texas Chainsaw 2D . Production began in the summer of 2011 and was shown in American cinemas for the first time on January 4, 2013.


The film sets in immediately after the events of the original film : Sally Hardesty was the only one able to escape from the cannibalistic Sawyer clan in the 1970s . Shortly thereafter, a report is received by the city police, and Sheriff Hooper makes his way to the Sawyers house to arrest Jedidiah "Jed" Sawyer ("Leatherface"). The rest of the family, who are hiding in the house, are reluctant. The furious townspeople under the orders of Mayor Hartman join them and the situation escalates. After an exchange of fire, the townspeople burn the house down. Apparently the only survivors in the house are Loretta Sawyer and her baby Edith. Townspeople Gavin and Arlene Miller take care of the baby and adopt it. Edith Sawyer is now called Heather Miller by her adoptive parents.

Decades later and miles away, Heather inherits a Victorian house in rural Texas from her late grandmother, whom she did not know about until recently. She decides to head to Texas with friends Ryan, Nikki, and Kenny to take a closer look at her inheritance. After they stopped at a gas station to get provisions, they took the hitchhiker Darryl with them. Once in Texas, Heather receives the keys to the house and a letter from her late grandmother's lawyer. After the group has inspected the house, they plan a barbecue and then head into town to shop. Meanwhile they leave Darryl alone in the house at his request. While the friends get provisions, hitchhiker Darryl turns out to be a thief and steals the valuable silver cutlery and the keys from the old house, which had previously been given to Heather. In search of more stolen property, Darryl explores the old walls of the house and comes to a locked door, which he then opens, and is surprised and slaughtered in the dark catacombs of the house by Leatherface. When the friends return from town, they discover the thieves' tour of the house. Kenny prepares the barbecue and notices the next room to the kitchen, which Darryl had previously walked through. Kenny enters the room, but is overwhelmed by Leatherface and hung on a hook. Immediately afterwards, Heather finds a tray with human bones and blood in front of the door of the next kitchen room, panics and tries to escape. But at that moment Leatherface hits her on the head, causing her to pass out. Moments later, she wakes up in Leatherface's slaughter room, escapes the old house for the time being and is followed by Leatherface with a chainsaw. She hides in a coffin on the property's own cemetery. Ryan and Nikki, who are in the stable, are alarmed by their friend's loud screams of fear and attract the attention of Leatherface. Just before Leatherface can penetrate the stable gate with his chainsaw, Heather arrives with the van and saves her two friends. However, the three friends have an accident a few hundred meters away. Leatherface catches up with her and kills Ryan. Heather escapes to a fairground and disappears into the crowd. Leatherface escapes the police on patrol. Heather is brought to the station and Sheriff Hooper then discovers that Jed Sawyer, who allegedly died in the fire, must have survived. Mayor Hartman sends policeman Marvin to the house he inherited from Heather to kill Leatherface. While searching the old walls, Marvin accidentally shoots Nikki, who was put into a freezer by Leatherface after the accident. Heather, who had previously looked through the files on the Sawyer family, is shocked to find that she belongs to the Sawyer family and flees. A little later she is caught by the corrupt Sheriff Carl Hartman, who knows about her membership in the Sawyers, and taken to the abandoned Sawyer slaughterhouse. There she is held captive by Sheriff Hartman to lure Leatherface and kill him. When Leatherface enters the slaughterhouse, he is overwhelmed by Mayor Hartman and city resident Ollie and tied to a steel cable that pulls Leatherface further and further towards the meat grinder. Heather decides to help her cousin, breaks free and kills Ollie with a pitchfork. Shortly afterwards, she pushes the chainsaw over to Leatherface. Hartman, who was thrown to the floor by Leatherface, is later massacred by the meat grinder after Leatherface seriously injured him with his chainsaw.

Heather and Leatherface return to the old house. In the initial letter Heather had received from her late grandmother through the lawyer Farnsworth, she was asked to look after her cousin. Because of this, she finally decides to live with Leatherface.


  • Marilyn Burns , who starred Sally Hardesty in Tobe Hooper's original film, plays Heather's grandmother Verna in Texas Chainsaw 3D.
  • Gunnar Hansen , who played Leatherface in the original film, plays a supporting role in the Sawyer family.
  • The American production company Platinum Dunes jumped 2007 after Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning from the franchise of the film series. In 2009, Twisted Pictures received a license for several films from rights holders Kim Henkel and Bob Kuhn.
  • Initially, a new trilogy was planned. But the producers feared that their project could be too ambitious and risky. Ultimately, it was decided to produce only one sequel for Tobe Hooper's 1974 classic.


Reviews in the US

" A better-than-average horror-thriller that relies more on potent suspense than graphic savagery or stereoscopic trick s. (An above-average horror thriller that relies more on effective tension than on drastic brutality or 3D effects.) "

- Joe Leydon

" In-your-face 3D and a half-hearted attempt at psychological complexity add little to this umpteenth Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie . (Intrusive 3D and a half-hearted attempt to introduce psychological complexity enrich this umpteenth Texas Chainsaw Massacre film only slightly.) "

- Frank check

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